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Oct 9, 2009 02:31 PM

Need quick portable breakfast ideas

I'm not a big breakfast person. I need to be awake for a couple of hours before I eat. Mornings are hectic around my house, so I don't have time to make anything before I go to work. I need some breakfast ideas. Something that can be made ahead and reheated at work, or something I just grab and take with me. I prefer savory over sweets. A little sweetness is ok, but I don't go for things like cinnamon rolls or donuts. At work there is a fridge, a microwave and a toaster oven. What kind of ideas do you all have for me? Thanks!

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    1. re: c oliver

      Scrambled egg, chorizo with some salsa rolled and folded in a flour tortilla. Used to take this on fishing trips.

      1. re: Antilope

        NO NO...corn tortilla! <just kidding> though today I made one scrambled egg with some leftover Herdez Salsa Verde and onions...OMG...loved it in a corn tortilla! Okay okay, I added a little bit of shredded Mont Jack cheese, too...Jcattles: would this be do-able for you? Also, what about oatmeal? You can make it spicy (cinnamon) or savory (canned pumpkin) and definitely add some walnuts please for your Omega-3' could even make that the night before and then heat it up in m/w at work, which I personally have done a number of times.

        1. re: Val

          I also prefer savory breakfasts to sweet. I love oatmeal with salt and pepper or with a tiny bit of chili powder and cinnamon

      2. I'm the same way. I can't eat when I first wake up. A container of yogurt and a banana was my breakfast standby in college when I was always running late for work. You could make a frittata and take individual slices to work to reheat or make mini-quiches in muffin cups for individual servings. In the fall and winter, I like to pre-cook a batch of Scottish oats, portion out and add dried fruit and a little brown sugar for breakfast for the week. Reheat in the micro at work.

        Bagel and cream cheese, plain or cheese scones...or do something less traditional, like cheese and crackers with a piece of fruit, or a tortilla spread with PBJ or PB and raisins and rolled up. Or make mini-sandwiches with small rolls or biscuits and ham and/or cheese and a savory spread.

        1. I like to make home versions of Egg McMuffins. Just buy English muffins, cheese (I admit I like American but you could use whatever), Canadian bacon (or just sliced deli ham), and eggs. I microwave the eggs in a pinch (1 minute in the 'wave). But just scramble the eggs real quick, assemble the sandwich, and pop in the microwave at work for 20 seconds or so.

          1. I am also the same way, and I must have my 2-3, (sometimes more) cups of coffee FIRST, before I eat. I am not a sweet roll, donut or cereal person, unlike the rest of my family. I wll even sometimes make leftovers from dinner the night before as my breakfast, usually in sandwich form.

            The suggestions are good, love eggs, mcmuffins and breakfast burritos. I've found that smoothies are a good way to get rid of over ripe fruit. And, I've been known to nuke commercially available eggs & bacon plates, even for my kids, on hectic weekday mornings. But mainly I will do sandwiches - turkey & avocado, fried pork cutlet, salami or ham, even tuna. But it has to have sliced cheddar cheese on it.

            1. Muffins: apple/peanut butter, blueberry, banana nut, etc.

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                Savory corn muffins with or without cheese are good to take on the go