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Oct 9, 2009 01:30 PM

Costco has Drake's Cakes!

I saw Devil Dogs and Coffee Cakes at my local Costco (Chantilly VA) this week.

If Yodels or Ring-Dings show up, I might take the plunge. Maybe even Funny Bones.

But I think life was better when there was no nutritional information (read: calorie counts) on packs of Yodels.

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  1. i saw funny bones at the supermarket they looked good./
    are they a lesser prodcut. you said maybe EVEN FUNNY BONEs.>

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      Funny Bones are good but I always though that Yodels were the top of the line, followed by Ring-Dings. It was the very thin, dark chocolate coating that did it for me. So even though FBs were not my favorite Drake's Cake, I'd still buy some for old times sake and to see if my kids might like them. I try out my old music and tv shows on them, might as well try the old junk food too. 8>D

      Devil Dogs were a funny product -- I always found the cake to be dry, and it always stuck to the roof of my mouth, but I still ate a ton of them.

      The Coffee Cakes were insidious little things, even before I drank coffee. Now I see that a package of two little cakes has 350 calories. No wonder they tasted so good.

      1. re: Bob W

        Devil Dogs were great, but you needed to chase them with milk.
        Loved that crumbly stuff on top of the Coffee Cakes.

    2. Please enlighten me on what Drake's Cakes are, and can we expect these products in other parts of the US (like LA)? Thanks.

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            Wikipedia has a nice history of Drake's Cakes (assuming it's accurate, of course).

      1. Wow! Now that brings back some memories...loved Ding Dongs and Devil Dogs as a kid, and Twinkies...anyone remember when they made chocolate twinkies briefly? Can't get those goodies here in NC....