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Oct 9, 2009 01:22 PM

Most Expensive Meal You've Eaten in Big D

I was curious----I haven't had too many cha-ching experiences, having never tried Stephan Pyles, Wolfgang Puck, etc here in Big D.....just wondering for those classy chowhounders what the most expensive meal was that you ate, what you had, and was it worth it?

Mine was The Melting Pot (just to show you how "low class" I am compared to you guys lol) and I had four courses---cheese fondue, salad, surf and turf fondue and chocolate fondue---for two people. With tip? 165 smackers.

Hey! I have two kids and a mortgage:)

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  1. By far the French Room at a tab of 2500 for 6 people.

    You would comfortably be able to dine at Pyles or Puck's 560 for what you paid for your fondue (or much less depending on your drinking habits).

    For that matter, you could go to the French Room during the week and enjoy their 'date night' menu for 50. There are actually very few places that you couldnt dine for less than 100 per couple in Dallas with moderate or little alcohol. Wine is what will kill your mortgage payment in Dallas.

    Stephan Pyle's new restaurant boasts that an average ticket will be about 25 a head with alcohol. Many of the wonderful places have prixe fix. Old Warsaw is having a recession party with many prices on the top items you might want lowered, such as a prime 16 oz strip for 20, roasted duck or pheasant for 20 or the Beef Wellington or 22 oz ribeye for 28. This mark down is through Oct 11.

    Google up some of the restaurants you heard about and treat the wife to a nice dinner without sacrficing the kids education. She deserves it.

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      I'd agree with French Room for overall priciest based on food alone. Forbes included them in a list of the most expensive restaurants in the country.

      It's worth pointing out that some of the highest priced restaurants on that list are for meals where you have omakase. Makes me really glad that guys like Keiichi or Masami don't charge anywhere near that kind of money.

      The only "expensive" meal I've ever had in Dallas that I've felt has been truly "worth it" for the price is the 10 course tasting at Lola, but as most know, the price tag certainly won't break the bank - my bill was less than the OP's at the Melting Pot, but I also didn't do wine pairings.

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        I'm the wife lol----and I thank you. I'm thinking I want to try Old Warsaw because it sounds awesome. And I have to ask---were you paying for that French Room tab, or were you just a guest on it? Was it worth that much? I don't know much about the French Room.

      2. Although I haven't been, I understand Aurora would be the most expensive restaurant you'll find in Dallas.

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          Aurora is by far the most expensive meal I've had in Dallas. The 10 course black truffle chef's tasting menu ran over $2000 for 4 people. However the wine was probably a fair chunk of that as the pairings were made by the sommelier. It was certainly the most well thought out and executed all around dining experience I've had in Dallas, and rivals any I've had in CA or NY. Unfortunately, due to my dining companions (and the wine) I lost track of most of the dishes as I couldn’t take notes. All the usual suspects though, foie gras and an excessive amount of caviar. I do remember a cut of lamb that I believe was cooked sous vide and served with a root vegetable "confit" and excellent.

          Couldn't say if it was worth it or not as it was a business entertaining situation. I suppose if I had all the money in the world, then yes. Given what I do have, I'd probably take a dozen oysters and a glass of white wine at Oceanaire.

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          1. Old Warsaw last summer, was in town on business and 8 people went there. Hilton was paying and our host ordered a lot of wine in addition to drinks before dinner. We were specifically told to order whatever we wanted and we ate and drank for quite some time. The tab easily topped $2500 or more.

            On my own, Alessio's back in 96 or so when I lived there. We went there often, at least once a week. One night we stopped by after work and the owner was cooking and said he would take care of us. We figured that meant take care of part of the bill. So the food just kept coming as well as wine. By the time we were done, the check comes and it was $400 and change. But I have to say it was worth every penny, one of the finest food nights of my life. I was saddened when I learned they closed.