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Oct 9, 2009 01:20 PM

Overnight trip - in search of local gems

Thanks to a close friend's birthday, my sister and I are flying to NYC (from Toronto) for a quick overnight trip. We've both been to New York many times but not for a couple of years.

For sunday dins, we're looking for a local gem. Using the lexicon of past faves, we'd love the quality of food from some place like Hearth or Tides in a cozy, buzzy room (maybe like August or Lupa). And warm friendly service please. We both love the West village but anywhere downtown is fine. A few on my shortlist - Little Owl, Perilla, Market Table, Terroir, maybe the bar at Babbo? Blue hill? Other?

We will probably go to Via Quadronno for a cappucino but would love a downtown (weekday) breakfast spot with great egg dishes and great americanos.

And for lunch, thinking of momofuko ssam. Or did I read somewhere that Jean georges has a newish Asian resto? Alternatively, maybe a gorgeous light filled room with yummy salad mains or small bites for sharing?

Many thanks!

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  1. NB: Tides has closed. Out of your short list, I think Babbo would be great if you're willing to put up with the bar. Little Owl is just too crazy/cramped at dinner. Terroir is nice but not super cozy, more industrial, and with lots of tall stools. Perilla is probably the most cozy without being insanely crowded.

    Great americano + great egg dish = 'ino in the West Village. Love their espresso and truffled egg toast. They're open weekdays and quite affordable.

    JG's new Asian restaurant is Matsugen.

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      Thanks Kathryn (whose brunch bible sits at the top of my "NY eats" folder).

      Firstly, I'm really sad to hear about Tides. I was there on 4 or 5 trips over the years and really loved it - food, ambiance, people, etc.

      As for this trip, is the food at perilla special? Also, any spots not on my shortlist that should be? I LOVE the truffled egg toast (I had it at 'inoteca). Forgot to mention that my sister can't have gluten so I'm wondering if there's another spot with great omelettes, huevos rancheros or even great bacon and eggs ( plus great coffee).


      1. re: peppermint pate

        Out of the ones you listed I think Perilla is the most interesting & ambitious, if that helps.

        Have you seen my posts on Locanda Verde? They have some good egg dishes. IIRC they serve weekday breakfast.

        1. re: peppermint pate

          I love Perilla, Market Table, and Little Owl. All great choices.

          I also really like Babbo, but wouldn't bank on getting a seat at the bar for a one-night trip.

          1. re: stephaniec25

            I walked into the Little Owl last Saturday at 6pm on a whim hoping to get 2 bar seats. All 4 seats at the bar were all empty + additional tables in front for walk-ins. I would think your chances on a Sunday would be even better.