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Oct 9, 2009 12:57 PM

Hotel Tides Asbury Park?

Anyone been to the restaurant in this hotel. I've heard good things about it.

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  1. Susie - I saw an ad in the local paper for the restaurant and was wondering the same thing. No one I know has tried it yet.
    Although they don't post a menu, here is the website for the restaurant/hotel:
    A google search on the Chef, David Kiser reveals that he was a Chef Instructor at the French Culinary Institute in NYC and was the Chef/Owner of the Church Street Bistro in Lambertville and Chef at Avalon Restaurant in Westchester, PA.
    I may have to give this place a try soon.

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      bgut1, I talked with someone who talked with someone else who has been, so no first hand info.They said that they have an excellent prix fixe dinner menu. I don't even know if it is BYOB, but I have a feeling it might be....probably going to try it weekend after next.

    2. I went a few weeks ago for the prix fixe dinner. My memory is a bit fuzzy but I can tell you this: the dessert, a poached pear was incredible. I had the chicken which that evening had a lemon seasoning and a brown mushroom sauce. The chicken itself was perfect: moist, tasty, not overly seasoned. The accompanying sauce was too salty. I had the hummus appetizer which was huge...and tasty.

      The two gentlemen next to me were delivered the wrong food and had to wait another 20 minutes for their meals. The one guy ordered the fish which he said was "pretty good" and the other man ordered the pork which he said was too dry but the mole sauce was excellent. They were discussing whether they would give it another try.

      I would definitely give it another try. The atmosphere is not the greatest. It's kind of dark and not in a good way. There were not many diners in there though the bar area was full on our way out.

      I wish I could remember more details; but, my overall impression was not super; but, definitely worth another try. Oh, the dinner was $29.

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      1. re: wilberton13

        I see you said they have a bar, so it isn't BYBO then?

        1. re: SusieQQ

          The Tides is not a BYOB, and as stated above they have a small bar located just outside of the restaurant. I did not eat here but the atmosphere looked nice with a 75 year old copper celling in the dining room. i guess it could be dark as there are no windows in the room. Thanks to Wilberton13 for trail blazing and giving us an opinion of this new comer "price fixed" restaurant in Asbury Park.

      2. i have been several times and enjoyed cocktails and wine at the bar...but am going on thurs night for dinner. I had a cheese platter while sitting at the bar a few weeks ago and it was divine..about 6 different types of cheeses and served with grapes and candied walnuts as well as some tasty crostinis :) Tides is a truly pleasant surprise visually and the bartenders are top notch and extremey friendly...the dining room is an unexpected gem, with vaulted ceilings and original tin molding...breathtaking...i'll let you know if the food pairs up

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          My partner and I have been there on a few occasions for drinks - the decor is very nice and staff pleasant. We looked at the prix fixe menu - $29.99 - and deemed it a bit steep in price...especially in AP in the off-season. This place is not a BYOB.
          If anyone tries it, please let us know.....