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Oct 9, 2009 12:30 PM

Good Mexican restaurant in Napa Valley

HELP!! We need to find a good Mexican restaurant in the Napa Valley by tomorrow. We have no specific requirements other than it must have really good food. It would obviously be great if it had a few other perks, but the food is the main concern. Forever thankful for any help at all.

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  1. Check out Pica Pica which is in Napa, in the Oxbow market. Not quite Mexican but you won't be disappointed. It's venezuelan food. And really great for lunch. And the Oxbow market is super cute to walk around in, it's in a warehouse-type building with other little vendors like there's a butcher that has AMAZING steaks and there's a little shop with kitchen accessories (think cookie cutters and tea towels and candles) and a wine bar type place.
    If you do go to Pica Pica, be sure to get their coconut lemonade slushie!! It is so super amazingly good you have to try it.

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      Thank you for the suggestion. I remember hearing about this restaurant once before. Seems like it was also a very favorable review. I'll see if everyone is up for Venezuelan food this time around...............if not, we'll most certainly try it sometime soon.

    2. Look up the threads on Mixteca and the taco trucks.