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Oct 9, 2009 12:30 PM

Manhattan Chinatown with kids

Friends are in from LA and we wanted to go to Chinatown with their kids -- 3 and 6 years old, total of 9 people. Suggestions on a place where we won't have to wait long, get a good meal and that is large enough for the kids to blend into the crowd.

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  1. All of Chinatown is kid friendly in my you should feel at ease. I like the following places for dinner....

    Cantoon Garden
    Oriental Garden
    Fuleen Seafood
    Amazing 66

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    1. re: fourunder

      Not sure about Oriental Garden. Have you ever had trouble with waiters trying to take away your plate - literally - while you were eating from it? I have.

      1. re: Pan

        Have you ever had trouble with waiters trying to take away your plate - literally - while you were eating from it? I have.

        In over 50 years of dining both in and out of Chinatown....yes for sure....but never at Oriental Garden. The only thing that comes close to your scenario is when they offer to do a plate change....clean (new) plates for the dirty (used) plates. but hey leave the new ones on the table and remove all the dirty ones at the same time from the entire I pretty much know what the intention is.

        When dining in Chinatown, I'm there for the food, not the service..... so if the food is good, the service blunder is not really a problem for me.....I've had the rushing plate switch out happen to me at one of your favorite places.....Dim Sum Go Go.....should I discount them according to your standards?

        For the record, I like the seafood and whole fish at Oriental Garden.


        1. re: fourunder

          Yeah, in my opinion, you should discount Dim Sum Go Go if they show a consistent pattern of trying to take away your plates, with food on them, before you are finished. Switching plates is another thing, entirely.

          I don't demand great service in Chinatown; that's for sure, and I've been going there since around 1969. But when a waiter actually grabs a plate while I am literally in the process of eating from it and have my chopsticks on it in a semi-vertical position with their other ends in my hand, after they've attempted to rush me less egregiously on a couple of previous occasions, I tend not to come back.

    2. Amazing 66 (Canton)
      Joe's Ginger (Shanghai)
      the Cantonese restaurant at 27 Division St

      1. Dim Sum is really fun with kids - Golden Unicorn is the place I'd recommend! You won't wait long and you can eat a TON without paying much. Plus, since it's Dim Sum, the plates are small and kid friendly. It's one of my favorite places in the city!

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        1. re: Allieschwa

          dim sum is always a good idea....the price, the fact that a kid can grab something, take a bite and put it down with a pouty face, while only costing you a couple bucks. is great. you can always do a cantonese place as well. my former GF had a very picky, fast food only nephew who was satisfied by simpler dishes ordered for his benefit -- "will, these are just like chicken nuggets, you'll like them..." :)

          1. re: Allieschwa

            Jing Fong would be especially interesting for kids with the giant escalator and the cavernous and busting dining room. But it does get busy on weekends. To reiterate, kids are welcome most everywhere in Chinatown since Chinese usually don't leave the kids at home when they eat out.

            1. re: Allieschwa

              Not to be a spoil-sport, but one word of caution about dim sum carts and small children. I've seen children who're not used to dim sum restaurants get burned - some a little, one or two seriously - so use caution. Seat the kids as far away from the aisle where the carts travel, and make sure they don't get up when the carts are nearby.

              Otherwise, the visual overload of bustling Chinatown will be great for the kids... and they'll get a gourmet education, too!