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Oct 9, 2009 11:03 AM

Please help with a LES food/drink hopping date tonight

My husband and I have a babysitter lined up for tonight and would love to try some of the cute/tiny/not fit for children type establishments we always walk by and gaze into. We'd love to make a few stops and are really open to type of cuisine. Obviously though, we don't have any reservations....We love a good cocktail and enjoy wine too. Really no parameters here. We've never been to Frankies Spuntino, so that was on the short list. Hoping for some 'hound help to create a fun date night out tonight. Thanks!

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    1. The Yuca Bar on 7th and Avenue A has great Latin American food and FABULOUS mojitos! It's perfect for restaurant hopping b/c you can sit at the bar and order a few tapas that are delicious but won't fill you up so you can continue to eat at your next stop! I recommend the Guacamole and the fried plantains.

      Also, you should end your night w/ coffee and pie at Veselka.

      1. Frankie's Spuntino is very tasty. So where did you go, and how was it?

        1. I would suggest Kuma Inn, Inoteca, Allen and Delacey, Sorella and definitely The Back Room for drinks- that is a must!