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Oct 9, 2009 10:46 AM

Liberté Baltic yogurt?

Liberté Baltic Set Style Yogourt [sic] has begun showing up on the shelves of Montreal supermarkets. ExoFruits is selling 650-g tubs at a special introductory price of $3.

6% milk fat. Very firm upon opening, with some BB-sized air holes at the top. Smooths out and becomes more fluid when stirred. Good milk flavour with a noticeable tang but no sourness. Creamy texture but not as heavy as the 8%-MF Méditerranée line can sometimes be. Tasty on its own and takes nicely to a drizzle of honey. Ingredients listed as "milk ingredients, bacterial culture." Best-before date about three weeks after it appeared on the shelves. Plain/Nature is the only flavour I've seen.

Thing is, I don't recall seeing anything similar in the Baltic countries I've visited. And there's no mention of it on the Liberté website. Google searches in French and English are fruitless. Anybody know the backstory?

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  1. A current ex-poster and, let us hope, future ex-lurker emails in the following hypothesis: "Baltic = Balkan? I think they might have confused the two regions, non? Because the style is very similar to Astro's Balkan style." Future ex-lurker is right, though I prefer Liberté's version to Astro's.

    A poster to Yahoo! Answers quotes the following definition from "Balkan-style describes a production process whereby the cultured product is set in individual cups rather than in a single, large vat. This type of processing adds to the unique flavour and smooth texture of the product; it is often thicker than other styles." Sounds about right. Maybe copyright issues are at play here in Canada?

    1. Must be a copyright issue, because that type is typically "Balkan", not "Baltic".

      I'm enjoying Liberté's Greek-style goat-milk yoghourt.

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        I bought it because I thought it was Balkan yogurt! I have never heard of yogurt being popular in the Baltic countries. What is the story????

        1. re: williej

          The yoghurt popular in Baltic countries and especially Sweden would be filmjölk. It tastes more like buttermilk with a yoghurty consistency. It's really yummie stuff and I buy it all the time when I am in Scandinavia. However this doesn't seem to fit carswell's description. The fat content is less and much more runny than regular yoghurt.

          1. re: estilker

            This isn't filmjölk. For one thing, it tastes different. For another, filmjölk is semi-pourable, which Baltic yogurt isn't, at least not until it's stirred. Also, while similar, filmjölk is technically not yogurt, since it's fermented/cultured with different bacteria.

            Just bought my third tub of the Baltic yogurt. Great stuff, especially at ExoFruit's $2.89 introductory price (nearby Métro affiliate, Le Marché du Coin, is selling it for $2.99).

            1. re: carswell

              I was at Adonis today and they had a taste test going on. I don't usually like Plain yogurt and therefore hesitated but I finally decided to have a taste. It was delicious! If anyone is interested, it is being sold for 2,49$ (for what I can only assume is the weekend). Try it folks. It's good stuff

      2. I seem to recall a mention of Liberé Greek yogurt being available. Am I confabulating because I can't find the thread or entry? I actually thought it was here but I am obviously wrong.

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          1. re: carswell

            Thanks. I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Does it only come in 0% MF? I will have to track it down at Marche du Coin.

            1. re: hungryann

              As far as I know, it's 0% MF all the way. Will try to remember to check whether Marché du Coin is still stocking it the next time I pass by, probably tomorrow or Thursday. You could also try contacting Liberté:

              1. re: carswell

                I think it comes in either ~ 0% cow's milk or 6% goat's milk. Personally, I much prefer the 6% goat milk option, which is creamy and taste so good I can eat a tub at once if I don't stop myself! I had a taste of the 0% during a taste test at the Cote St-Luc IGA maybe 2 weeks ago - it's very, very thick and tastes kind of dry, more cottage or fresh cheese like, if that makes sense. They use a special process to thicken it, and it contains 4x more milk than regular yogurt (based on what the lady explained). Glad I tried it, but I much prefer the 6% goat option.
                A note: the goat milk options are often with the organic products, not in the regular dairy aisle - at IGA anyways.

                I also tried the Baltic one and found it, well, blah, although the texture was fine. Astro Balkan has a better flavor IMO. I was also disappointed to read that it contains "milk ingredients" rather than only milk / cream, as Liberté is usually considered as one of the few companies actually using only the real thing. Milk ingredients can cover a wide range of products, not necessarily of lower quality, but we don't know what they are or from where. This is also an issue in ice cream, which is rarely "ice cream"...

                1. re: Chocolatine

                  Astro Balkan on sale at Loblaws starting today (Mov 19th) for $2 per 650-750gr

        1. Marche Lobo on Parc / Milton carries Baltic and Greek and the usual kinds. the 500g of the regular flavor is 2.29$. It's only the 6 grain type that is above 3$

          Selection varies by week.