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Oct 9, 2009 10:37 AM

"Cooking Channel" Coming in 2010

Did you guys see this?

Apparently Scripps Networks, which owns the Fine Living channel and Food Network (and others) is changing Fine Living to a more instruction-focused cooking channel (inventively enough, the Cooking Channel) next year.

I'm curious how it will go! I know many of us have lamented the lack of useful/instructive shows on the Food Network, so maybe this channel will solve that issue.

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  1. Huh. I guess it makes sense but there are some non-food shows I'll miss and one tenuously food related show that should be shot into space... Three Sheets. If they consider Three Sheets an instructional cooking program then I'll have my answer as to which direction The Cooking Channel will be going.

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      Now, I've only watched a couple episodes of Three Sheets, but I did enjoy it. I like shows that specialize in food-related cultural experiences, and the show is enjoyable. I do think it was a little light on "education" and a little heavy on "entertainment," but a little more research would help that.

      But, then I've also been a long time"No Reservations" fan which is now only mildly about maybe we have a natural difference of opinion?

      1. re: jazzy77

        Somehow Zane Lamprey yukking it up with sound effects and people falling down drunk just isn't entertaining to me. I've watched two episodes (because I thought perhaps I'd been too judgmental with the New Zealand episode) and I think my disconnect probably has everything to do with age. Looking the show up I see this is the fourth season of Three Sheets so I'm fine with having been spared three previous seasons. Watch em all!

        I like No Reservations and I think this seasons episodes are some of the best ever, so it's not the food-related cultural shows I dislike. Really, it's just Three Sheets.

        1. re: MplsM ary

 I said, I hadn't seen them all either, but I still chuckle at the episode where he was in an Asian country and he was playing a drinking version of spin the bottle with a chicken head. While that type of humor isn't really up my alley, his attitude towards it was incredibly funny (as in "play nicely...but, for heaven's sake, don't touch the unsanitary chicken head!"). David Sedaris once wrote a story where he mentioned that a person could tell a lot about a culture by the sounds their animals make and their version of the Santa Claus story - I imagine the same idea could be applied to drinking games and bar culture.

    2. Fine Living Channel deals almost exclusively in retreads. I don't think there's any first run content. If they stay true to form then you can expect to see all the cast offs from 2 years and older. And if it's like every other cable station it will start running reality shows in a couple of months from launch.

      1. They're looking for a Programming Director.... anyone want to apply?

        1. Sounds like the MTV/VH1 formula. Take the reason for people watching, put it on something new and then show personality driven pap.

          1. A place to show old Food Network reruns?