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Oct 9, 2009 10:35 AM

In Search of Great Restaurants in Milton, MA (or nearby)

My brother has asked me to help him find a lovely restaurant in Milton. He's taking his girlfriend out for her birthday and he just wants a nice dinner for the two of them. He gave me no other specifications. I imagine he wants Italian/French/American/Seafood/Steak type of restaurants... no ethnic cuisine for them. I don't think price matters either. I'll also take any suggestions that are near Milton, but not in Boston. Thank you in advance!

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  1. You should check the Boston Board. there's a few discusions about a couple of new restaurants that recently opened in Milton. I really enjoy Townsends which is just over the border in Hyde Park. The owner of 51 Lincoln had input when it was opened 2-3yrs ago. It's been described as casual upscale. Entrees are about 18-28 range.

    1. I've lived in Milton for 8+ years, and although my tastes run more toward ethnic food, here are a few suggestions:

      Cafe Bella (19 Warren St., Randolph) -- Italian/continental; quite nice food with extremely generous portions and sub-Boston prices in a lovely atmosphere suitable for a birthday dinner (but not stuffy). They don't take reservations, and there's always a wait on the weekends. At 5:30 (when they open) there is routinely a line long enough to almost fill the first seating; when we go, that's our strategy.

      There are several nice restaurants in Roslindale -- we ate at Birch Street Bistro and had a pleasant Italian/continental meal (again, solid food, generous portions, completely reasonable prices); the owner was walking the floor and was very chatty and nice. Slightly more "pubby" atmosphere than Cafe Bella, but the food includes non-pubby choices -- I had a nice chicken marsala there. Sophia's Grotto (almost next door) gets high marks from locals, but we haven't been yet -- couldn't get seats at 7:30 on a Friday. Others within a few blocks (Delfino's, Geoffrey's) -- I haven't been.

      A new restaurant just opened in Milton itself - Abby Park - which is the town's first "real" restaurant. Haven't been yet, but perhaps others have?

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        I haven't been to Abbey Park yet but from what people are saying, it still needs time to work out some of the kinks. I'm from Milton as well(born and bred as the saying goes), and the options in the area are so much better than they were years ago. Another suggestion is the restaurant at the Granite Links Golf Club(East Milton/Quincy line). The food is average but the view of the Boston skyline is wonderful. If it's warm outside, they have great patio dining. There are 2 other new restaurants in Milton...The Wharf, in Milton Lower Mills and another one in Lower Mills(the name escapes me). They have also gotten the same similar mixed reviews as Abbey Park has. As with most new restaurants, it can take a ittle time to work out the kinks.

      2. Enjoyed a delightful meal at Abbey Park last Saturday night. Every course, from appetizers to dessert, was excellent. My rib eye was prepared perfectly and full of flavor. Others had the lamb, swordfish and flat iron steak and loved it. Also one of the best Cosmos I've ever had. Service was great. Can't wait to go back!

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          IMHO -always smells funny when one's first post reads like a marketing brochure '-)

        2. Went to Abby park Sunday. Great meal!!

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            This is interesting. The last two times we've had dinner there, all the food ordered (4 people in our party) was subpar, with the exception of maybe two of the apps. This is not a restaurant I'm hurrying back too, except maybe for drinks. Even the bar service is nothing to write home about. Really wanted this place to be a hit, but at this point, it's striking out. The room is beautiful and has a very comfortable atmosphere, but they haven't figured "it" out yet. Hope they do, but I'm going to have to see some glowing reports on it before I'm back there.

          2. I'd personally send them somewhere besides Milton. Pickin's slim there.

            Alba in Quincy came to mind, which is Italian/Steak/seafood.

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              Agreed, not much in Milton. Quincy is the closer option, Fat Cat, Alba's, Fuji.. .