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Oct 9, 2009 10:32 AM

Best Steakhouse in Boston-60th birthday

Hi Everyone-
I am looking for the best steakhouse in Boston for a surprise 60th birthday party. Is it The Capitol Grille, Abe & Louies, Mortons, Ruth Criss, Grill 23, The Oak Room or any other suggestions.
I am looking for a room to hold between 20 and 24 people and had the best filet (and of course bernaise sauce) a person can ask for!
thanks so much for your input-it is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Have been to several private dining events here.

    1. Try the search box. This has been discussed about 100 times and there is no consensus!

      Personally, Abe & Louies. Don't know about private dining rooms.

      1. Capital Grille, Morton's, and Ruth Chris are out. They're fine for chains, but you can do much better.

        For your specific request of filet and béarnaise, Abe & Louie's is probably the best. They're one of the few steakhouses in Boston that actually uses prime beef. For more flavorful cuts, like dry-aged strip or ribeye, Grill 23 might win out.

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              I would not vote for Grill 23. Tir_na-nOg is right, there's no concensus. Actually if you read the local food media, Grill 23 always gets best steak house in Boston, but for the life of me I don't know why. I've eaten there 4 times (once was a business meal for a large group), and the only time I really enjoyed my meal was the business meal. The other times I found the steaks to be lacking, and I thought the sides were OK, but woefully small for steak house prices (we got the truffled tater tots once, and there were like 8 tater tots for almost $10 - crazy).

              Of the non-chains I prefer Abe & Louie's, of the chains I prefer The Capital Grille (but only the Newbury St location). I liked my meal at Ruth's Chris, but the first time we ate there they made us wait 45 minutes after our reservation to seat us, without an apology or an offer of a drink. I reminded the hostess that had I showed up for my reservation 45 minutes late, they wouldn't honor it, so if I had a 15 minute window, why shouldn't they? I would have been ok with it, had they just apologized, but I got nothing but blank stares from the front of house staff.

              Whatever you do, NEVER go to Smith & Wollensky, one of the worst restaurant experiences of my life, and by far and away the worst steak house I've ever eaten in, including places like Frank's and The Stockyard.

          1. I like all the places you've listed, last on the list would be Morton's, it too much of a dungeon. However, for a special event like a 60th, for me it's The Oak Room, just excellent.

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              I would second the Oak Room. I was able to make a simple reservation there for my husband's 50'th birthday without a hassle. We were treated very nicely, even though we had never been there before. The food, service and ambiance were fantastic. We've gone since and never had a bad experience. If you're looking specifically for a steak-type experience, I would recommend the Oak Room.

              1. re: treb

                there is also now the south station/waterfront morrton's.