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Oct 9, 2009 10:28 AM

Pizzaria Paradiso (G'Town Location) Recent Visit

I have eaten here three previous times and absolutely loved everything I had. Today, I went there for lunch and kept is simple with a "Paradiso" pizza (basically a plain sauce and cheese pizza). In short, I probably wont be returning. Here is a place known primarily for pizza and it tasted like it came out of a freezer box. Nothing about it tasted like the previous pizzas Ive had there. The crust was hard and completely void of flavor. There was no sense at all this this pie came out of a wood-fired oven. The sauce and cheese were equally bland. The olives on the table were still good but I'd be hestiant to go back and pay $10 for a bland pie the size of a salad plate......

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  1. Sorry to hear that you had a bad pie at PP, ciaoda. If I were you, I would have sent the pizza back and asked for another one and/or would have spoken to the manager. I actually had to do that once at 2 Amy's as the first pizza was under cooked.Fortunately, the replacement pizza was much better.

    1. You had 3 great visits, one bad visit, and you'll never return?

      That's some pretty high standards for a $10 pizza joint.

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        Actually was $15 if you include iced tea, tax and tip (with no toppings on the pizza). Ive been reading elsewhere that patrons thought the restaurant is no longer in its prime. There are so many other boutique/wood-fired pizza joints around these days that I probably wont be making the special trip to PP anymore.....

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          Gotta agree with Daniel on this one. From three visits in a row described as "absolutely loved" to one bland pie and youre done with the place? Im thinking a second chance might be the wise approach, if nothing else then to determine if your most recent meal wasnt a statistical anomaly. I ate there within the month and the pizzas tasted the same as they always had to me which is good. But then Im not a real nuance guy when it comes to gourmet pizza. I hear a lot of back and forth on this site about wood oven pizza places and I dont really get it because almost all the places mentioned I feel serve pizza that is on par with any of the others. And from my experience the undercooking/overcooking errors happen across the board.

          Now I will admit that as far as PP, I go there more for the beer anyway. Frankly, with the tap list they have they could serve chef boyardee pizza from a toaster oven and Id be a happy and willing patron.

        2. My last pie there, eaten during the madness of a happy hour crush of people, was delicious. That was back in the summer, so maybe things have gone downhill since then.

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            Much as I hate to agree, its gone downhill. They are still an excellent mcro-beer joint but the pizza tonight was burnt. Not just us but several other tables all sent their pizza back because of burnt (blackened) crust. Perhaps they are not properaly cleaning the ovens but whatever. Or maybe they are concentrating on their recently enlarged Dupont Cicle location but I would hesitate to return. There are newer places to explore such as Pete's Apizza and Red Rocks.

          2. Another reason to give it another try: It's possible the oven hadn't reached the peak temperature by the time you had lunch -- as it can take several hours for a word-burning oven to pre-heat. Your description of the bread seems to match what happens when it's in a cooler oven, and left in longer to compensate.

            Go back later in the day or dinner time, and see if the pizza is better.

            1. I have never thought the pizzas at the Georgetown location were as good as Dupont. I find them to be very dry, and inconsistent. But worst of all- the attitude! My goodness, what is with the surly service? I'll never retun either. I just wish there was somewhere to get a good pizza in Georgetown.