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advice on tandoori at home

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I am looking for advice on the best way to cook tandoori at home. I am marinating chicken thighs and planning to grill (gas) but not sure if oven is better. I have done both in the past with mixed results. Any ideas for a better way short of renovating my house and putting in a clay oven?

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  1. I suspect the answer is in the name - tandoor being a Hindi word for oven.

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      Yes, but those ovens are very different from conventional American ovens....

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        Indeed. It is impossible to get as high a temperature in a domestic oven as a restaurant tandoor. However, I pre-heat mine to its maximum of 220, keep my fingers crossed and can usually get a reasonable representation for chicken (lamb has not been a success)

    2. Tandoori is done at high heat
      Do it outside on gas grill at high heat
      Preheat your gas grill to high

      You can find more details on the internet but high heat is the key
      This intense heat is a problem to replicate in your kitchen oven

      1. It's supposed to be fairly easy to build a tandoor in your backyard. Google *backyard tandoor* for tons of hits. Some people suggest using a large terra cotta flowerpot. Until you do, far better to use the grill than your kitchen oven.