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Oct 9, 2009 10:20 AM

White American Cheese - Boars Head or Land O' Lakes

I am muchly over that American that comes in plastic rather buying strictly at the Deli now. But curious as to which brand, if at all, is better?? These two seem to be the Front-Runners if I may so say.
Land O' Lakes White American or Boars Head White American?? Is one superior to another in TASTE? quality? What do others think? Not concerned about the price tag...

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  1. We buy nothing but the Boar's Head White American and have been doing so for years. On occasion, I've tried the Land O' Lakes version and, while it's far better than any of the plastic wrapped crap, we still much prefer the BH. The same with the BH mozz.

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      Boar's Head is definitely better quality, but I like LOL better - it's what I was raised on....

    2. I agree completely with grampart. My wife buys Land O Lakes, because she never remembers that I tell her to get Boar's Head instead, but when I go to the deli, it's Boar's Head all the way. The Boar's Head yellow American is also superior to the Land O Lakes.

      1. I think it's a TIE--they are both very good (though SALTY!!!)...I buy whichever is on sale or cheaper at the Publix deli, 1/2 pound freshly sliced.

        1. Land o lakes is our choice. I find the Boar's Head far less creamy, and it does not melt as well on a sandwich.
          The Boar's Head dones not tirn as fast in our local stores and therefore has a shorter shelf life wwhen I get it home.

          In general, I detest all Boar's Head products.

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          1. re: bagelman01

            I think your hatred of BH products has affected your tastebuds.

            1. re: grampart

              Hmm. On a crazy whim, since someone mentioned saltiness, I did some investigative work.
              According to the Boars Head Web Site Nutrition Guide there is 380mg of Sodium in their REGULAR White American per 1oz. I checked the Land O' Lakes (via and it says 430 mg of Sodium per 1oz. Land O' Lakes appears to be slightly saltier via a higher sodium content.

              1. re: Woof Woof Woof

                WWW, thank you very much for that information! I do appreciate the statistics! (I have to laugh at the Woof Woof Woof..because I say to my grey tabby cat "Oh, you want your woof woof woof!" when he's hungry...he acts like a dog in so many ways, he love to retrieve and runs TO the front door when someone's ringing the doorbell. LOL!

              2. re: grampart

                No I have come to the conclusion after tasting the various Boar's Head products.

                1. re: bagelman01

                  We're in the minority, but I;m inclined to agree with you, although I can't say I detest them. I don't like the flavor, and sometimes the texture is other than what I like. I like the natural-casing hot dogs, but if I had more choice in that arena I'd be happier.

                  If a restaurant has a sign proclaiming that they proudly serve Boar's Head products, I don't go there if given the choice. But I don't hold it against anybody that prefers BH brand over others and don't want to fight about it.

              3. re: bagelman01

                In general, I detest all Boar's Head products.
                If so, why did you ever purchase their cheese at all?......also, how long do you think it really takes to turn over a 5 pound block of cheese in a deli or market? Even assuming it is a small deli, I can only surmise they would carry only one or two brands....making sandwiches and selling cold cuts by the pound....I'm sure the cheese turns over quicky enough to challenge your quality assumptions.

                1. re: fourunder

                  Fourunder, at the Publix here in SWFL, yes, the deli only carries 2 brands of American cheese, Boar's Head and Land O'Lakes, what brand do you buy, just asking? It may not be relevant to those of us who only have 2 brands from which to choose but am always open to suggestions, certainly!

                  1. re: Val


                    I reside in Northern New Jersey which has the following big name markets, Shop Rite and Pathmark are both the dominating players on the landscape:

                    Shop Rite
                    A & P
                    Stop and Shop
                    Food Emporium
                    Whole Foods

                    The perceived top provisions companies stocked in the markets or in delis are either Thumanns brand or Boars Head brand...with that said, I generally do most of my shopping @ Shop Rite, even thought there is a Pathmark store two blocks from my home.

                    To be honest, American Cheese is an item I really do not give much attention to. Shop Rite has a proprietary in house brand named Black Bear. I do not know who packages the product for them....but the fact is.......I purchase whatever is on sale on any given's not like I'm deciding on Parmigiano, Stilton or Gorgonzola, which would be more important to me with regards to producer. Whether making a grilled cheese sandwich, a cheeseburger or simply standing in front of the fridge sneaking a late night snack.....they are both perfectly fine and I cannot say one is better than the other, or even better than the Black Bear product offered by Shop Rite..

                    Maybe a wimpy response, but it is an honest reply, I assure you......:-)

                    1. re: fourunder

                      No, not a wimpy response at all! (By the way, I was born in Hackensack NJ and moved to Eatontown NJ when I was 10! So I know NJ!!!) Thumanns is not available here in SWFL. But I remember when we lived in Northern Delaware (Newark to be exact) in 1981-1985...there was a deli that sold the Land O'Lakes American was pretty good! I just don't remember the Thumman's brand at all. But I do thank you for the sodium comparison!

                      1. re: fourunder

                        Black Bear is not a proprietary brand of shoprite or anyone else, it is a division of Deitz and Watson out of the philly area and sold in numerous strores. They are genearlly good quality cold cuts.

                  2. re: bagelman01

                    Work for a deli in NH and we sell Land O Lakes and Boar's head products and we sell tons of it.. Boar Head products are pulled by a certain date and the stores gets credit. Land O Lake uses fillers and Boar Head doesn't. Boar Head Maple Honey Chicken, Turkey, Ham uses real maple syrup and golden honey. Except for the head chese they don't use meay by-products such as the lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, liver, blood, bone, and stomach and intestines. Maybe it's all that salt you like?

                    1. re: leo68

                      Out of curiosity (I work in the business too) what are the ingredients in Boars Head? For some reason they don't bother to list them on their website. So you're saying there's no salt added to any of their products?

                      Here are the Land O Lakes ingredients, but I don't see any "filler", just less than 2% of salt and the usual deli preservatives listed at the end

                      I don't think anyone is under the illusion that deli products are intrinsically healthy anyway! Since you sell both, why don't you have an impartial taste test and let us know, rather than repeating the Boars Head sales pitch..... I'd be more interested in that.

                    2. re: bagelman01

                      All Boar's Head? Have you tried their mustards?

                    3. jfood bought LOL for 20+ years but a few months ago the grocer had the BH for $2.99/lb which was $5 less than LOL. Came home and mrs jfood looked at him and asked, "did you buy LOL?". Sheepishly jfood confessed to the BH. Mrs jfood said "I like it better, it is a litlle sharper."

                      So for the past 6 months casa jfood has been a BH American house.