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Oct 9, 2009 10:11 AM

Seeking out the best lobster roll

My boyfriend and I live in NY but want to drive up the coast in search of the best lobster roll. I know some places are seasonal and we're too late for those places but we still want to go this month or next. Are there any suggestions for lobster rolls up the coast from NY through Cape Cod and Boston up to Maine)?


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  1. North of Boston there is Bob Lobster in Newburyport/Plum Island. They're open year 'round, but the only "dining" room they have off the store is not heated (little space heater helps some...I hunker down in my jacket). Most of the good places on the Cape are closed by now (or will be after this weekend). Not sure if Kelly's in Revere is open...they are well-tauted on the boards.

    1. You'll find a lot of posts on this.. and I think the rolls change a bit - CT rolls are hot with butter, whereas Maine rolls are cold and often have some mayo.

      But up by me, when I can I've hit Belle Isle Seafood near East Boston, and Red's Eats up in Wiscasset, and Young's Lobster Pound near Belfast, ME and been happy... but there are many other options as well...

      1. That is a lot of ground to cover, with many a good lobster roll. Here in the New Haven area,
        Lenny & Joe's in Madison (95 off of the Hammomasett Beach exit 60?) or The Glenwood Drive In, Hamden RT 15 off exit 61, go right about a mile are your best bets

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I had the lobster roll at Freestones this past summer based on a rec on this board that described it exactly as you have. Big chunks of lobster, etc. I was surprised by the glowing review as I worked in New Bedford for 10 years and Freestones was always considered a place to get mediocre food in a nice old building. The Lobster roll I received, and the others I saw being served, were all shredded and chopped lobster meat, dry with no flavor, on a crummy hogie roll. Not a single chunk in the whole sandwich.The fries were greasy, soggy and none too hot. $16.99 if I remember correctly. There are so many places that will be open that do a great job.Why go to one of the worst? As has been said, however, most of the best places on the Cape will close soon.

            Oh, and the person who was so effusive in his praise of Freestone's lobster roll? Turns out he was later outed as the lobster supplier for the restaurant! HA!

          2. Unfortunately the Hitching Post in Charlestown, RI on RT 1 is closed for the season now, but from mid may to Columbus day serves up a Connecticut style lob roll(warm buttered bun) with 3 claws per roll!!!! for 13$ definitely check this out next summer