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Oct 9, 2009 09:55 AM

Guilford (CT) Restaurant Week

In what must be a coda to the CT event, Guilford is sponsoring its own restaurant week from Sun. Oct 11 to Sat. Oct. 17. Their ad says" Full service restaurants will feature a Pre (sic) Fixe Menu including appetizer, entree & dessert. All participating business (sic) will feature specials."

Participants are Anna's Temptations, Anthony's, Ayuthia, Ballou's, Bell'Amici, Brunches, Cafe Grounded, KC's Pub, Courtyard, First & Last, First Garden, Guilford Bistro, Guilford Mooring, Hidden Kitchen, Little Stone House, Maritime Grille, Naples Pizza, Nick and Tony's, Quattro's, Shoreline Diner, Som Siam, Stone House, Whitfields (ad says "& more").

Aren't you glad I resisted the puns on (sic)?

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  1. Ayuthai and Stone House (the bar menu) are the only decent restaurants in Guilford....though I do love Hidden Kitchen for breakfast.

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      as a guilford-ite I found this restaurant week idea amusing since everyone (at least that I know) in Guilford always complains that there is no where here to eat :)

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        Hidden Kitchen is doing dinner on Thursday night now. My work associate has been twice and was pleased with quality of food vs. price.

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          Guilford certainly doesn't have the variety of Branford or Clinton/Westbrook, but excuse me, it's just silly to say that the only decent places in town are a bar menu and a Thai place that's a long way from the center. Som Siam is one of the better Thai places around - at least as good as Ayuthai. Quattro's, while not as interesting as it was years ago when it started, is still perfectly "decent". The Stone House dining room menu likewise. Guilford Mooring isn't as good as Lenny & Joe's (either location, though I prefer Westbrook), but you can still get some good things there, and it's a nice place for a casual meal on the waterfront. Cafe Grounded has been spoken of quite highly -- I admit I haven't managed to get there on one of the nights they do dinner, but it sounds worth trying. Even Whitfields can provide some good meals, though this is the least interesting of the four restaurants that have occupied this space in the 15 years I've lived in Guilford.

          If you can honestly say you've given all of the restaurants on the list a fair trial and found them wanting, well, then I guess that explains your opinion. But otherwise, I'd suggest you let "Guilford Restaurant Week" introduce you to some new possibilities that might change it.

          1. re: linguist

            That was well put. Cafe Grounded is actually very good and worth a try.

            1. re: linguist

              I've lived in Guilford for my entire adult life, and I was totally serious about only liking Ayuthai and Stone House. I have tried EVERY other restaurant in this town, and whether it be for just average food (basic italian cooking at Quattro's) or poor service and food (Whitfields), Guilford restaurants are really sub par....If I want good food, I have to go to Essex or New Haven. It's kind of sad, some of these restaurants had great potential but failed to deliver on the food...

              1. re: ljsinct

                OK, perhaps you're entitled to your grim view of the restaurant scene in Guilford. I don't entirely disagree with you: it's really surprising that a town like this hasn't produced better places to eat. Even more surprising, perhaps, is the fact that Madison is even worse: the high points of dining there are the perennially disappointing Friends and Company or the truly bad Cafe Allegre, unless you count the branch of Lenny & Joe's which is nearly in Clinton. Given that Branford and Westbrook support interesting restaurants, why is there really nothing to speak of in either Guilford or Madison?

                But if you're going to count the bar at Stone House (which I really dislike, though not especially for the food) or one of the two Thai places in Guilford as "decent", I don't think it's reasonable to reject everything else in town. ot great, or as good as what you might expect, but still OK, and sometimes even good.

          2. We consider Som Siam (Thai) quite good, though it's been a while. I have posted about them.

            1. During Guilford restaurant week I was unable to find out anything systematic about what restaurants were doing. A couple of places had signs pointing out that this was happening, but there was no common thread that I could find (like a prix fixe dinner for $20.09 or something like that). I hope that if they do this again they get things together and advertise a little.
              During the week I made it to two places: Cafe Grounded (see review thread at for comments), where apart from the sign, I couldn't see any special commemoration; and Ayuthai. I had been to the same place in previous incarnations (as a moderately good Chinese place with a bad Japanese side menu) and as a thoroughly mediocre Japanese place, but never to the current Thai one. I am sorry to say that although there has been some enthusiasm for this restaurant on this board, it's really nothing special. The obvious comparison is with Som Siam, in town, and Ayuthai loses on most counts. They do have an interior space that's somewhat more elegant, or something: anyway, it seems nicer. The service is attentive in both places, less frenetic at Ayuthai (despite the Advocate "best serving person" award at Som Siam). But the food, although perfectly acceptable at Ayuthai, is nothing special as far as my wife and I could tell, while the Som Siam menu has a number of genuinely interesting things, and everything we've had there is well executed and nicely varied. If you want Thai on the shoreline, we would still say Som Siam is the place to go.