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Oct 9, 2009 09:43 AM

Where to buy pulled pork in Toronto?

I have a recipe that calls for pulled pork. Does anyone know where I can buy good pulled pork in Toronto? If the location is downtown, or in the East end that woud be even better...


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  1. How much do you need? Your best bet is to talk to one of the BBQ joints in the city. Buster Rhino's in Whitby sells it by the pound, so one of the places in Toronto may do the same.

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      I second Buster Rhino's. They sell it frozen or heated and by the pound or in smaller sizes. If you go to their Web site, you can also find some retailers around the eastern part of the GTA (or further east) that sell some of their products.

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        What are the BBQ joints in the city?

      2. I've seen it at Cumbraes on Bayview in sealed plastic bags. Look for it in their prepared food section.

        I should qualify that I"ve only seen it there and haven't tried it myself.

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          I called Cumbrae's on Church St, since they are closer, and they have it too. I'll pick it up there.

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            Cumbrae's pulled pork is very good. I think they call it "10-hour Pulled Pork".

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              The 10 hour pulled pork from Cumbrae's is great! I've used it a couple of times and its been wonderful each time.

        2. What is the recipe? What are the authors expecting this to taste like?

          Some people hear "pulled pork" and immediately assume BBQ pulled pork. The Cumbrae's pulled pork is lovely, but, it has no smoke, not even a pretense of smoke and it has no seasoning that would resemble any BBQ dry rub. In fact, it mostly tastes of black pepper and rosemary.

          That said, I can't really think of a BBQ-style alternative that is easily available. Buster is Whitby is probably the best bet for that style.

          1. El Gaucho in the north St Lawrence Market on Saturdays has a nice pulled pork.

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