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Oct 9, 2009 09:36 AM

interactive meals

Kinda a strang post but.. I love interactive meals.. such as fondue, or places that allow you to grill your own meat . Does anyone have any suggestions any other type of interactive meal.

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  1. Korean BBQ in most places in KTown. You get to grill your own meat/vegables in the open grill in the table.

    1. Shabu shabu is another option. They bring out a large pot of hot broth and you cook your meats and veggies in it, sort of a la fondue.

      1. Can't think of the name but there is a cook your own Japanese place right near Cooper Union - someone on this board will know what I mean. I think they also opened a branch in the east 50's.

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            It is Gyu-kaku. I've been a few times, as my friends from home love it, and it's definitely interactive. I didn't think the food was too bad either.