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Oct 9, 2009 09:26 AM

Springfield/Eugene Area Trip - Delicious Restaurants?

We are planning a trip out to visit my sister in Springfield, OR. She just had a baby that is keeping her up at all moments and when we visit, we want to pamper her with great food. Would appreciate any suggestions. We love pretty much all different style foods, but my request on any recommendations you might have is that if it's ethnic, it be authentic , not Americanized if you know what I mean. Doesn't have to be a fancy place, just very tasty!!

Appreciate your suggestions on my very first post on Chowhound! Thx.

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  1. Recently discovered and blogged about an excellent new ribs place located at the west edges of Springfield. It's called Wagon Yard BBQ. Highly recommend you give it a try. It's a bit out there in distance, but the drive is nice and the food is nicer.

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      Thre is a fantastic restaurant at King Estate Winery, the food is of the highest quality, you will be pampered there! :)

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        A little clarification is in order. The Wagon Yard is located 17 miles East of Springfield on Hwy 126. Owner/smokemaster Rich Schmidt cooks beef, pork, chicken, sausage in a wood fired smoker for many hours and serves up sizeable portions. There are several
        baked good coming from Rich's wifes bakery. Excellent BBQ & save room for one of Donna's desserts.

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          Or, if BBQ is what you want, but you don't want to go quite so far, there are locations of Hole in the Wall BBQ in both West Eugene (older, "real" hole in the wall) and Springfield (newer, nicer).

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            I like papa's soul food, a lot better than hole in the wall!

      2. Belly is the best local place in town right now. Very reasonably priced, small, locally owned. Going to dinner there tonight myself. Marche' used to be #1 in my opinion but they are overpriced now for what you get.

        1. In Eugene, I have two recommendations, Marche is downtown, Coutry French and excellent food and wine. The Campbell House is also downtown and is very very good located in a B and B. Both great places not to take your children however.