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Oct 9, 2009 08:51 AM

Where to take a French class for a cheap(er) dinner?

I'm trying to organize I a trip to Boston with some of my students. Planning on going to the Coolidge Corner theater and then dinner afterward, some place "French" but relatively inexpensive. I found a reference to a crepe place on the board and I think that is referring to the "crispy crepe cafe" on Park. Does anyone know the relative size of this place and if it is any good? Or any other ideas?

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  1. Crispy Crepe on Park is very small. The Crepe Place in Coolidge Corner is small and totally mobbed. Have you considered having a late lunch at Petit Robert in Kenmore before the movie?

    1. How large is your class? The crepe place in Coolidge Corner is quite small, but could accomodate 6 people in a group. You would have to check out the lunch menu at Petit Robert Bistro in Kenmore SQ. I don't know what your "relatively expensive" range is.

      1. This post makes me very nostalgic. In seventh grade, our French class went to Maison Robert (now closed) and it made such an impact on me. I remember what I wore, I what I ordered and even the waiters face. I hope your students enjoy their outing as much as I enjoyed this one.

        I would also suggest Petit Robert- they have sandwiches etc on the lunch menu- classic things like croque monsieur and onion soup gratinee.

        1. When I read that title I briefly thought it meant taking a French cooking lesson which includes eating the food students prepare, as a way for a couple to have a French meal. You haven't given us the age or number of the students. Maybe arranging for a special session at one of the culinary schools would appeal to your group.

          1. how old are the students? aged 7 or 16? how many? lunch, dinner? that crepe place in coolidge corner is basically a take-out shop.

            eastern standard is kind of bistro-y and gaslight in the south end might suffice. bistro du midi in the old excelsior space will be open soon, depending on your date. sadly, except for l'espalier, the days of formal french dining seem gone.