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Oct 9, 2009 08:45 AM

Fried Turkey for Thanksgiving?

Hello All,

I will be visiting family in New Orleans for Thanksgiving, and was wondering if someone could suggest any places that might selling fried turkey for Thanksgiving?

Many thanks!

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  1. Although I have no idea who might be doing this I'm sure someone is...if you have a choice, I do recommend that you get one fried in hog is night & day.

    1. Deanie's in Bucktown, Popeye's, and I'm sure many other places

      1. Try Langenstien's but be sure to order it early. I think they stop taking orders a full week before Turkey Day. There is also a great place on the westbank that does turkeys, but I cannot remember the name. It may have been Adams, and it was on Belle Chase Hwy, right past the turn near the ferry.

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        1. I second the Popeye's suggestion, for what it's wroth.

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          1. re: MFK Fisherman

            My only experience with Popeyes fried turkey was not good. Bird was overcooked/dry. Seasonings were dumped on the finished product as I watched through the pick up window. This was a few years ago. Turkey quality may vary upon location as does their chicken.

            1. re: JazzyB

              Good point as to how things vary by location..Ip've never had a Popeye's fried turkey but I learned my aroundaround the better shops ywears ago.

              I still think the things should be fried in lard but you almost certainly would not get the Good Stuff in town such as I buy in the country.