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Oct 9, 2009 08:42 AM

Aspen - shoulder season?

Heading to Aspen this weekend and was wondering if anyone had advice?

Did a search and the only recent post is this one: and before that it was May:

Looking for excellent food but more of a fun place than a pretentious place - like in Denver Beatrice & Woodsley/Root Down/Bones/Z/etc.

Also happy with places that are divier but delicious nonetheless!

Seems like shoulder season places are either closed or if they're open they have prix fixe specials.

Any help? Cheers!

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  1. For casual dining in Aspen I think the Hickory House Ribs is a good place. There is also a new noodle house downstairs from Kemo Sabe but I have not tried it yet. In nearby Woody Creek there is the Woody Creek Tavern, with good southwest fare. Overall however,most restaurants are mediocre at best. You are better off doing a picnic. /Kathy

    Woody Creek Tavern
    02 Woody Creek Plz, Woody Creek, CO 81656

    1. Aspen is not known as a dive-y place, especially since the Red Onion was dismantled threatened/promised to morph into something called Junk at the Red Onion in the hands of a Las Vegas developer.

      Meanwhile, the J-Bar in the Hotel Jerome is a hangout for locals and visitors alike. Great history. Terrific ambiance. Excellent burgers. Social at 304 E. Hopkins has/had a good tapas/bar menu. Below-ground space w/ hip modern decor. I don't know whether they are open in the shoulder season, however. La Palapa is a new Mexican (not New Mexican) restaurant. I haven't tried it myself, but friends who live in the Roaring Fork Valley thought it was pretty good and well-priced. They went there not long ago, so it might be open throughout low-season. Boogie's Diner is a '50s retro diner, very popular w/ families and w/ nostalgia-ists. Little Annie's is a casual, year-round locals' hangout that's been around for ages and ages.

      The noodle house KRS828 referred to might be the new Noodles by Kenichi. I haven't been there either.

      Boogie's Diner
      534 E Cooper Ave, Aspen, CO 81611

      533 East Hopkins Avenue, Aspen, CO 81611