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Green Chiles

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I went to Santa Fe New Mexico on vacation in June. Just about every restaurant has green chiles on there menu. I had burgers with green chiles, eggs with green chiles, it was fantastic. Now I am home in south Florida and I have tried a few canned green chiles. Not up to par. What is the best canned green chiles in your opinion?

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  1. IMO, you're just outta luck. Just my opinion. Search the boards here for ideas. There are quite a few threads on green chile.I lived in abq and Den for a few years each. My solution would be to roast your own, and create a green chile sauce that suits your taste, but I'm a proactive cook.

    1. I'm in Bradenton FL and I haven't found any type of NM Hatch chilies available in the greater area. I have likewise had ho-hum experiences with canned Goya, Herdez, and La Costena chilies. For a sauce or topping I sautee a combo of fresh anaheims, cubanelles, and poblanos, plus a sweet yellow and red bell, and a couple jalapenos. It makes a tasty and colorful pepper medley. Hard core Hatch fans will air freight them in (and this is their season). I lived 8 years in Denver and also had a home near NM, and got pretty spoiled by the genuine article.
      But we have stone crabs next week, and they don't!

      1. No canned will product will replicate what you had in NM. You can order frozen, roasted green chile from various sources, e.g. http://www.dagiftbasket.com/ I have ordered other products from this site with good success, have not tried their green chile but it looks good.

        1. What you are looking for is Hatch green chilies, no other has their flavor. Unfortunately I've never seen them in cans but they can be ordered online frozen, which I'm thinking of doing as I've tried many chile combos with no luck, sometimes good just isn't good enough! Anyhow if you do order I'd love to hear what your experience is.

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            actually the site I mentioned above does have them in cans too, but I kind of doubt they are anywhere near as good as the frozen

          2. Grow your own! I grow a variety of Chili's in pots on my patio. I live in a cold climate, so movable pots are the only way I can get them to get enough sun. You are in Florida...no problem!

            1. There's lots of good chile (and even better marketing hype) coming out of the Hatch area, but it's not the only game in town; in Santa Fe you get a lot of peppers grown around Chimayo.

              Regardless of where they're grown, the key is to use NuMex hybrids. Anaheims are a close relative, but it ain't the same.

              You can buy canned New Mexico chiles from a number of sources, but you'll get better flavor and texture if you can find them frozen. (In June, odds are you were eating chiles from the freezer - the harvest doesn't really get going until late July.) Fresh green chiles are available in many parts of the country for a few weeks in August and early September, but you're out of luck for this year.

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                I agree with all on the hatch, and there are several nice threads discussing this fine chile. You can indeed buy them frozen online (fresh in season) or canned Hatch. Even the worst of the supermarkets in Dallas carry this tiny can, maybe 5 ounces of chopped chiles. They do ok in a pinch and have a nice flavor. I would use these in baking, mixing into meats or dips. Certainly in a scrambled egg. But alas, nothing finer than fresh (or fresh roasted and frozen).

                My avatar is a hatch pepper. ;)

              2. HotMelly, I'm in Naples...and whenever I see a recipe calling for green chiles, I buy 2 or 3 poblano peppers and roast them in my oven (on broiler setting...put the shelf up around 6 inches from heat, turning them as they blacken and blister)...then put into a paper bag to cool down and then peel skin off....NOT the same as Hatch peppers, of course, but they work so nicely for me.