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Oct 9, 2009 08:08 AM

Kimchi in Chapel Hill/Durham?

So, it's my birthday this weekend, and I think I'm making Momofuku's roast pork shoulder. It calls for kimchi for serving, and a) i've never made it, and b) i was always under the impression that it needs time to ferment, etc.

As such... anyone know of somewhere to get good store-bought kimchi in the Triangle? I CAN drive out to Grand Asia if that's the place, but I'd prefer to avoid that if I can. Thoughts?

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  1. You might try the Golden Wok (I believe that is what it is called - could be the Classic Silver Wok) on 15/501 (Fordham) in CH. I've had great luck with asian ingredients there. They may well have premade kimchee. I used to have the phone number but it is lost somewhere on this mess of a desk of mine ... sorry. I think you should be able to find it in the phonebook though.

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      Harris Teeter sells kimchi -- they stock it by the carrots, mushrooms, etc. It's not bad but pricier than what you'd pay at an Asian Store.

      The Asian market on Rosemary also sells a few varieties of kimchi. Some kimchis can be fishier than others depending upon how the fermentation process, so you might ask the lady who works there her personal preferences....

    2. I encourage you to get over to the Carrboro Farmer's Market on Saturdays and get some of Farmer's Daughter kimchee...i even think she does a couple of different kinds. If you can't wait that long 3Cups sells some of her stuff too.

      1. There's a grocery store next to Vit Goal Tofu restaurant on Allendown Dr. south of 54 just east of 55. Assuming some relationship to the (excellent) Korean restaurant next door, it should be the spot.

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          @ Pheebs-- normally would have, but it was too late. dinner was this past sunday.

          @ dschoonmaker:That's actually where we ended up going-- It's called Shilla Market. They had some very cool stuff, and we ended up with 2 kinds that went really well with the dish.