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Oct 9, 2009 07:03 AM

Toronto's best grocery stores

It's always tricky finding good places in various neighborhoods. I've made a map for myself, but would love to hear your thoughts on what good places exits. The places on the list have good quality, artisanal, organic, etc. Some are cheap, others expensive. Let me know your fav shop.

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  1. For good quality fruit and veg at decent prices (cash only), I like Fruit King at Danforth and Logan. I don't know if I'd go across town for it, but I'm happy to have it in my neighbourhood.

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      I love KO's on Roncesvalles for produce. It's well priced, fresh, near my house and always a great selection of specialty items: Lobster mushrooms, fresh ramps (when in season), jerusalem artichokes, fingerling potatoes, rainbow carrots, etc...They also have a good selection of oils and vinegars.

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        I've shopped there for many years, but found that they buy a lot of produce that has about 2 days of life left, so you have to check it out thoroughly before you buy. All the three places in the fruit triangle have pretty much the same products The store on the north side, and to the west is owned by a cousin of the Fruit King owner and you may even see the same cashier at both stores.

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          Is that the store on the south side of Danforth or the north side?

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            I was wondering the same thing. To me, the one on the south side has become very sketchy. The place is filthy and everything looks like it's on the verge of being thrown out like fooddudey has commented above.

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              Yup, the one on the south side. I haven't noticed anything sketchy. I've gotten mangoes regularly there that were great. The green beans a couple weeks ago were awesome. They had those late season strawberries also and they were fresh and great. Also, I usual only buy enough for a couple days at a time because I'm one person and if I buy too much things go bad in general anyways, so maybe that's why I haven't noticed.

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                One mystery I've experienced: The veggies look just fine the day you buy them, then two days later, presto, gone bad!!!

          2. I'm going to offer two choices from both ends of the spectrum, and both in Richmond Hill:

            First, at the top end, Bruno's on Bayview at Weldrick (just south of Major Mack). When I want a special meal with really special meats, Bruno's is the place to go. USDA Choice steaks, smoked turkey, marinated lamb, double thick pork chops - you name it, he has it, and the quality of everything is beyond reproach. Yes, you pay for it, but what you get is worth it for those truly special occasions.

            And, at the low end, believe it or not, the No Frills at Yonge and 16th. It's very large, and has full service fish and meat counters. There's a wide variety of produce, and the turnover is rapid, so it's fresh and vibrant looking. Very large selection of dry goods, including many Asian ingredients. All of this at prices quite a bit below what you'd pay at Loblaws or GCS (let alone Pusateri's). So long as you avoid Thursday/Friday nights and weekends, it's a pleasure to shop there.

            1. Definitely not the "budget" option but I really like Summerhill Market in Rosedale...great food and the feel of the store is lovely with wonderfully helpful staff.

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                You took the words right outta my mouth tochowchick.

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                  I have to third this one. Summerhill Market is by a vast margin the most pleasant shopping experience I had in Toronto: great food and excellent service. There was never a shortage of people on the floor to help me find items, pack my groceries, and offer to help me take them to my car. The staff was always extremely friendly and conversational. The food... well, I'm getting ravenous just thinking about it!

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                    Yeah, can't wait 'til we have our turkey dinner from them on Monday. Oh, and I've had a hanking for their perogies ever since I woke up this morning.