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Oct 9, 2009 06:50 AM

ISO Lemon Ricotta Pancakes-Theater District

Looking for a Sunday brunch menu that includes lemon ricotta pancakes- Theater District-Midtown East area.

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  1. They're on the menu at the West Bank Cafe, which is midtown west (I've had brunch there, it's fine). For the future, the "find a food" search on menu pages is an easy way to answer these kinds of questions.

    Here's the complete list of results:

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    1. re: small h

      Ditto on West Bank, which has consistently good food, friendly and professional service, and a relatively quiet ambience for the area. Nice wine BTG selection, too.

      1. re: small h

        Thank you for directing me to the Find a Food search. I knew about that function but didn't think it was that specific- tried 'pancakes" but gave up slogging through that list. Love West Bank Cafe -was so disappointed when I went on a Saturday and the brunch menu (and those pancakes)not available. Had to settle for their pumpkin gnocchi...

        1. re: fayth

          It's a pretty neat feature. The only trouble I've had with it is trying to find dishes that go by more than one name, i.e. "macaroni and cheese," "macaroni & cheese," "mac & cheese," "mac 'n' cheese." That was an hour of my life I'll never get back.

        1. re: meigga

          Just FYI, last Saturday my wife and I had arguably the worst meal we've ever had in NYC at Sarabeth's. We were in and out within 45 minutes and even that was 46 minutes too long.

          Granted, this was at the one on the UWS, but we did have the Lemon-Ricotta Pancakes and they were marginal at their absolute best. Take this for what it's worth.

          1. re: a213b

            I agree with a213. For some crazy reason we waited an hour to be seated at Sarabeths then overpaid for marginal pancakes. I'd never go back.