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Oct 9, 2009 05:00 AM

Just like home cook'n

I am about 1/2 way through a complete kitchen reno, I'm managing ok with a makeshift kitchen in the basement, but i need a nice home style "supper". Have been doing a lot of take out, and dining out, but am at the point where i just need some simple, yummy, homestyle food. I am "greased" out, salted out, and microwaved out. I know there must be some nice basic restaurants in this city, not looking for showy cuisine, even though i will be doing a lot of that in my new kitchen, but for now, just want to feel like im going to moms for supper. i am in leslieville, but have a car, and am willing to travel to get "comforted"......3 weeks to go to my new kitchen...woohooo

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  1. Not in your hood but highly recommend Le Paradis on Bedford-classic French dishes, extremely reasonable prices and an awesome wine list. This is where I go to get "comforted" at the end of a stressful week.


    1. If you want some good food for take out, try Dash Kitchen on Danforth Ave.

      Last week I ate at Bistro Camino for the first tine and enjoyed that. Have you been there? It's worth a try for some good food at reasonable prices.

      So your kitchen reno is taking roughly 6 weeks? We are starting ours in mid November and I am hoping to have it completed in two weeks. New stone floors in week one, and kitchen cabinets, plumbing and electrical in week two. Back cooking in week three. Well maybe I'm being optimistic, but that's the plan.

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        thanks fooddudey, well try dash kitchen for sure, week 1 was complete demolish old kitchen, and frame new kitchen, week 2 electrical, insulation, drywall and knock new window in, week three sub floor, heated floor and tile, still need to have cabinets, granite, backsplash, trim, appliance hook up...well worth the wait...good luck on yours

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          Bistro Camino, Bibiche, or - at the opposite extreme - Gale's.

        2. re: foodyDudey

          Wow, you are an optimist. Good luck :-)

          1. re: foodyDudey

            I'll third Bistro Camino - it was the first thing that came to mind in terms of honest, comforting food.