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Oct 9, 2009 04:37 AM

Union Square- Latin American, Tapas, or Mexican


Looking for one of the above cuisines in or around Union square for dinner on the early side Saturday.
Looking for reall good authentic food---not places like Rosa Mexicana...thanks!!

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    1. You may want to try Los Dos Molinos for Mexican. It gets mixed reviews on this board, but I enjoy it.

      1. Try Boqueria on 19th for tapas. Go early- the flash-fried jalapenos sell out quickly- and they are a must.

        1. What about Yerba Buena, Yuca Bar, and East Village places....any recs around there?

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            Yerba Buena Perry is about 3/4 mi away from Union Sq Park. Casa Mono, 52 Irving Pl. nr. 17th St, is closer & serves tapas.

          2. Boqueria, Socarrat & Tia Pol (a bit of a walk) for tapas, Crema & Suenos (new Mexican). Good Luck.