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Oct 9, 2009 03:01 AM

Diner Food -Asheville

Looking for a good diner in Asheville area

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  1. It might be a long search... hopefully someone responds with some ideas because I have not found a good diner in Asheville.... yet.

    The closest to a decent diner I've had was Apollo Flame Bistro on Brevard Rd. Food is just okay - service is outstanding and very friendly. Menu is more greek, pizzas, and burgers than typical diner fare but has a diner feel.

    1. Five Points Restaurant is the closest diner type menu I can think of in Asheville. I've mainly had breakfast there with an occasional sandwich to-go when I worked nearby. Food was pretty good, basic grub. Very modest place, nothing fancy.

      They are on Broadway, north of the interstate loop. Parking can be difficult at prime hours.

      The other contenders that I used to go to have closed.

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      1. re: meatn3

        I second Five Points. Good food, can be busy but it's a steady mixed crowd.

        I'm trying to think of other many have closed. I used to love Happy Hill (Patton Ave) but it closed. A meat and 3 type of place.

        Tastee Diner on Haywood Road is good. Always busy and the same faces are always there.

        My favorite place was Sweat Tea's in Canton. A lady and her hubby (from Hville) owned/ran/cooked there. Amazing food and lots of it. They later sold it, it's under new owners. Good but not great like it was.

        1. re: rick in asheville

          Is Sugar Beet Cafe in Fairview still open? That place is's just not convenient for us to get to and we often forget about it. But if you have not been, you should try it. One of the best breakfasts I've had in Asheville. Great hashbrowns.

          1. re: miss piggy

            Thanks, But Fairview is just too far away
            I heard there is a diner in Weaverville?

            1. re: mustardgirl

              Sunny Point, Tastee Diner (I think they do breakfast). Moose Cafe has a killer breakfast too.

              1. re: mustardgirl

                We always think it's too far away too...but you know, in reality it's less than 10 minutes past downtown. It's about 5 minutes past the mall. Just perception...we do it all the time too, which is too bad, because I think it is one of the best breakfasts in town.

                1. re: miss piggy

                  I've never had their breakfast but have ventured out there for lunch. It was excellent and it's true, it takes only a few minutes to get there. Well worth the drive.

                  1. re: miss piggy

                    what is too far away ? I am confused what are you talking about that is not so far away?

                    1. re: mustardgirl

                      Pretty sure she was referring to Fairview.

                      1. re: mustardgirl

                        Maybe she's located more on the north end. Fairview isn't too much farther than Weaverville is from central Asheville, if not closer. Travel time is about the same.

                        1. re: Leepa

                          Mustardgirl, yes...i thought you were saying Fairview was too far/out of the way. I was just saying that it's really not much further than downtown Asheville - only about 10 minutes. I'm with you though...sometimes it seems far or out of the way. Sorry for any confusion!

                2. re: rick in asheville

                  I loved Happy Hill (It also amused me to give directions to my house ie: left after Happy Hill). Nothing else seems to be able to make it there.

                  Oh. There is a very small place that is just breakfast/lunch on Haywood, on the North side of the road. After downtown W. Asheville, but before the highway. Kind of near that Mexican place with the chainlink fence surrounding it. ISTR the food was good, it was just so smokey that I only went twice before it fell off of my radar.

                  Now that I re-read your post, perhaps Tastee Diner is the place I'm describing? There had been an article in the paper 4-5 years ago about a waitress there retiring - it had been her only job, she started as a young woman.

                  1. re: meatn3

                    Yes, that would be Tastee Diner.

                    1. re: meatn3

                      Just a FYI - I was driving on Patton yesterday and noticed The Happy Hill sign is back, the building looks freshly painted. There is an "opening soon" sign. Perhaps a reincarnation of the original?

                      BTW, any word on the Mexican (?) place that appears to be in the old 28806 location?

                      1. re: meatn3

                        The place going in where Happy Hill was is being opened by the owner of George's Deli, which is beside the Exxon at the corner of Leicester Hwy and Old County Home Road. (He's a friend of my husband's.)

                        George's Deli
                        408 Old County Home Rd, Asheville, NC 28806

                3. Village Wayside Bar and Grille was pretty good, had a lot of diner type food and of course Stoney Knob has some diner type food thats always yummy.