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Oct 9, 2009 02:17 AM

Anyone tried this combination before?

At a fancy Italian restaurant in Prague last night, we ordered a 'truffled chocolate cake.' I didn't think twice about the name and seeing truffle and chocolate side by side, my brain automatically registered it as the name of the little chocolate bon bons, not THE truffle.

However upon first bite of the very dense, fudgey and dark chocolate cake, the unmistakable taste and aroma of Black Truffle was very apparent. Haven't heard of or seen this flavor combination anywhere else, and wonder if anyone else has or tried it. What did you think? I was surprised by the whole thing and am still not sure what to think. We certainly finished it pretty quickly, though.

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  1. Well, not exactly like that, but a local artisanal ice cream shop here in Montreal offers pleurot flavored ice cream... that would be oyster mushroom. I found it quite good, mushroom flavor quite mild & slightly woodsy. Guaranteed, in a blind taste-test, most would like it, but would probably be unable to pinpoint that familiar taste.

    1. I have never heard of that combination. There seems to be so many unique chocolate combo's out there- lavender, chili, different insects, herbs, etc. They all tend to leave me with the same response you had...I taste, think, taste again, think, taste..etc. By the time I finish "contemplating it", my plate is empty -and I am still not sure about it!

      1. No I'm not surprised by the combination but I haven't had the opportunity to give it a try. The whole chocolate-bacon combo has taken some odd turns. I was at a party recently and bologna was the chocolate surprise that night. Not a fan. Curiosity alone, I'll dive in but after one try, I'll probably pass soon after.

        Does make for an Interesting food story though! Thanks for sharing.