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Oct 8, 2009 11:48 PM

Romantic, mid-priced anniversary spot?

My husband and I will be celebrating our anniversary in a couple of weeks, and we are looking for a romantic dinner spot, preferably not too expensive ($15-$20/entree). At the end of October we are going to Cabo to celebrate, so we don't want to blow the bank before our trip! It could be any type of cuisine in any area of LA. We love great food and great wine! Suggestions are much appreciated!

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  1. Church & State downtown has moderately priced food that is delicious French bistro, and a well thought out wine & beer list. Make a reservation.

    We are going to Animal for our anniversary in 2 weeks, and went for my b'day a month ago - it's awesome food, but I wouldn't call it romantic. Prices are good, but we are such hounds that we order 4-5 plates, since there's so much good stuff, we want to try it all.

    Ortolan on W. 3rd is super romantic, it's where we usually spend a b'day or anniversary, but it is probably much more than you want to spend.

    Il Cielo in BH has a very romantic patio, but haven't been in quite a few years, so not sure anymore their entrees price points.

    Good luck and have fun!

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      I have been wanting to try Church and State, so maybe we will go with that! Thanks for the suggestions!

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        Church & State was very loud the two times I was there though, and tables are packed together in typical french bistro style, so I wouldn't really call it romantic ...

        The ones that come to my mind would be FIG, RH, Lucques, and such.

    2. I think Yamashiro's is one of the most romantic venues for dining. The view is spectacular and you can stroll around the grounds hand-in-hand. Maybe a little over mid-priced....

      1. Haven't been myself ('tho planning on a trip in the next few weeks), but Eva - in the old Hatfield's space seems to fit your $ requirements and seems to have a romantic, if spare, look to it...