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Oct 8, 2009 09:57 PM

Heading to BA - Need Help Narrowing Restaurant List

I've spent a fair amount of time reading posts for BA and have put together an initial list of places. I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed on selection. Also, several of the posts were about a year old so not sure if the quality of some of these places are still good.

Any thoughts in helping to narrow the list would be greatly appreciated.

• Thymus
• La Cabera
• The Standard
• Mot
• Sirop
• Novocento
• Las Cholas
• Carlos Calvo
• Social Paraiso
• Olsen
• Casa Cruz
• El Obrero
• Sucre Restaurant
• Grand Bar Darzon
• Rodrigo Toso Café
• El Trapiche

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  1. Unfortunately I can't add to this post, but I intend to follow it closely as we will be in Ba in January!! I'll be packing this list to go!!

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    1. re: LoN

      Excellent! Will I'll be there in a month and will post back what I find. Hopefully, someone else will respond before I go so the list will be narrowed a little more.

      1. re: nutmeg

        We just got back - I'll try to post something here soon, but am dealing with the getting-back crises . . .

    2. I am in BA New Years Eve. Any reccomendation for a strong local feel with Tango? I nderstand many will not be open on NYE

      1. Just returned. What a great city. I am afraid we didn't go to any of your choices, but will add two to consider: Francis Mallman's Patagonia Sur (my husband said it was the best steak, besides Peter Luger's in NY, he'd had)--but beware, it is really expensive, NY prices; and Casa Felix, a wonderful pescetarian supperclub in a private home.

        Regarding your list, I can tell you that chef Diego Felix of Casa Felix said he loves Social Paraiso for real local food and atmosphere.

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        1. re: chowbie

          We are going to BA in late February and I'm definitely planning to book Casa Felix. I read about it earlier this year, and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

        2. I'd add La Cabana in Recoleta and Cafe Tortoni downtown ,- you really have to see it it's fabulous. Two other cafes I love are Violetas (with lovely flowery stained glass although I don't like the waiters there!) and La Biela which has the best Chocolate Espanol in town.