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Oct 8, 2009 08:03 PM

Union Square with Kids?

We're headed to SF for the weekend with two boys (7 and 4). We're taking in Fleet Week, Zeum and the Exploratorium and are staying near Union Square. I'm looking for a convenient (walking distance) sit down dinner destination Saturday night. Not necessarily looking for a "Chowhound worthy" spot this time around - just something decent with kid-friendly food. For us, "kid-friendly" means pizza, chicken strips, quesadillas, etc. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Honestly, there is a Cheesecake Factory on Union Square. I cannot imagine, even with 7/4 that is where you would want to go if in SF, but it does exist.

    My strong reccomendation would be Scala's. It is a lively "fun" atmosphere with oversized booths and a casual vibe. The food is very good; not excellent, but very good. And there should be enough for your kids to chose from (eg. pizza) while you eat what is actually a good meal. Link to the menu:

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      You'll see a few Lori's Diners around Union Square. They are kid friendly, but certainly not places to go if you're expecting an exceptional meal. There's one on the NW corner of Powell and Sutter. The Daily Grill on Geary provides a bit more of an adult experience. Again, this suggestion is in response to your stated desire, rather than what I think would be excellent. If I had kids, I'd take them to Colibri, a Mexican place also located on Geary, north side.


    2. Max's on the Square has a huge menu with portion sizes to match. It is one of the restaurants in the Max's group of eating spots local to this area. Perhaps not "chowworthy" food but your kids should enjoy the kids menu. I remember my kids were happy with the scoop of ice cream coming at the end of the meal.The kids meals are inexpensive as well ($2.99.) It has a full bar as well for adults.

      Max's On the Square
      398 Geary St, San Francisco, CA

      1. The Westfield Mall ( Market and 4th) Food Court would, IMO, be a far better option than going to Cheesecake Factory. Its walking distance from Union Square.

        Westfield San Francisco Shopping Centre
        865 Market St, San Francisco, CA

        1. If you go any place early enough, you can probably bring kids some places. There's also a bunch of okay restaurants on Belden Place. Has to be better then the Cheesecake Factory.

          Tadich Grill
          240 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

          221 Powell St., San Francisco, CA 94102

          1. One of my favorite places to take the kids downtown in Mo's Grill, inside Yerba Buena Gardens next to the "big slide" and right next door to Zeum. It's above the bowling alley. I think the burgers are actually pretty great, and they have standard kid's stuff, too. But it's real draw is that it fills out a really great resource/destination for families in the City, which is rare.