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Oct 8, 2009 07:07 PM

Georgio's in Tallahassee

No one mentions this place much in discussion of Tallahassee eateries. I go there fairly regularly but it seems everything is beginning to taste the same there. One night this week I had a "cowboy ribeye" at the suggestion of waitress, without reading about in on menu. What would you expect? A hefty bone in ribeye, right? No, this was a modestly sized boneless ribeye, "blackened." It was so overwhelmed by the seasoning, it was literally inedible. Not a fan of "blackened" steaks, I would never knowingly order one. This one had evidently been marinated, it appeared for several days, in a very strong sauce and there was no beef taste. In fact, in cutting into the first bite of the steak, the meat appeared black.

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  1. ha, funny you should mention that, because to me everything at Georgio's started tasting the same about 15 years ago. No surprise considering their menu attempts to do everything under the sun, from steaks to seafoods to pastas to Martian food. When you have hundreds of different menu items, you either have to start duplicating styles so that all dishes taste the same, and/or you sacrifice freshness and quality of ingredients, because no way can you maintain a stock of everything that is "fresh from the farm" with such a cavernous menu.

    1. I ate there once about 6 years ago, on someone else's dime. I don't think then I'd ever go back on my own. Even though i hit either the Starbucks or Beuggers there every Sunday AM, I never consider Georgios as being on my list when someone asks where to eat in the area.

      1. Not a surprise. That place failed to impress, especially at the price point. Eat at Sage or Provence or Cypress. Tally is pretty limited in it's selection of decent food, I had the misfortune of living there for 16 years.

        1. We have dined at Georgio's in Tallahassee several times while visiting (once a year or so - usually an overnight from JAX to see the state gardens and go to Tallahassee Nurseries - one of the nicest garden centers in north Florida). We are not beef eaters. Overall the food is ok and the atmosphere is relatively civilized for Tallahassee (they make very good martinis). FWIW - because we have had such a cold winter - I think this will be a great year for azaleas (when we have a warm winter - the flowers tend to open a few at a time - after a cold winter - they all seem to explode at once).

          1. The original comment has been removed