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Oct 8, 2009 06:55 PM

Where's a not loud but not too fancy place for a group birthday dinner?

i'm looking for a place for a party of 10-15. a private room isn't necessary but welcome. i'd love a quieter place where we can actually hear one another talk! thanks!!

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  1. Try Tia Pol (tapas), Le Zie (Italian), Safran (Vietnamese). The food is good, inexpensive and they all have private rooms. Too bad Adaro (Pan-Asian) closed down. Don't know if Ise or Riki (Japanese) can accommodate your group but check them out as well. Better yet come to Astoria or Long Island City. We have a lot of great restaurants in the neighborhood. Good luck.

    1. Try also Blue Ribbon Bakery or Alta.

      1. think about Chinatown - check boards to see what's good these days.

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          This was from October 2009; party has come and gone.