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Oct 8, 2009 05:51 PM

TC contestant Eli used to work for Richard Blais?

i just happened to catch a repeat of the 2006 ICA Battle Chickpea between Blais & Batali, and Eli is one of Blais' sous chefs! am i just late to the party on this one? did anyone else know Eli used to work for Blais? i know they're both from Atlanta, but their cooking styles just seem so different. Eli hasn't given any indication whatsoever that he's at all familiar with molecular gastronomy...

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  1. Blais mentioned Eli in an early blog this season at

    "Special note: I know all three Atlanta-based contestants well. And Eli Kirshtein on a personal and professional level (he was the best man at my wedding, and my sous-chef for years) ."

    1. I remember hearing about this. I think Blais mentions this on one of his blogs.

      1. ahh, thanks guys. i figured there had been some mention of it, but i've slacked off on reading the TC blogs this season.

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          And I think Eli was Blais's best man at his wedding.