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Wu Liang Ye

Wu Liang Ye on 86th Street..... when did it close? Just walked by today... did the bad reviews finally catch up with it?

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    1. I noticed this as well. I thought maybe it was for the Mid-Autumn Festival, but it's still "CLOSED" as of now. Weird! I guess it's good that another Szechuan place opened nearby. :)

      1. The one on Lexington also has a "closed sign" on the window.

        1. Just checked Menupages, and the 86th St. location is marked "Closed".

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          1. I just passed by Wu Liang Ye tonight and there was someone giving out menus for Wa Jeal. He told me that they moved to this location. Anyway, just FYI.

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              I had heard that the chef from Wu Liang Ye left for Wa Jeal. I've read good reports on CH about Wa Jeal.

            2. What a shame. We've had many good meals at the UES Wu Liang Ye and are sorry to see them go. I speak Chinese so I always got good food there (sadly, if you don't speak Chinese, the food wasn't as good). The service was always horrible, though.

              My wife ate with a friend at Wah Jeal and said it was just wonderful. I can't wait to try it myself.

              Wu Liang Ye, for quite a few years, was trading on its name. I hate to see a restaurant have to close because their employees had lost their passion.

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                Could someone tell a naive reader where Wa Jeal is? Curious to try. Didn't think Wu Liang was that great, but the hood is not exactly known for its Chinese spots. And I could see the potential in their food for possible greatness.

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                    Thanks, scoopG. Maybe I'll try it. I really am not such a big fan of Szechuan food... When it's good, it's good. But why all these Szechuan restos on the UES. Blech.

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                      Other than Wa Jeal, I don't ever eat Chinese food in the UES. I'd recommend going down to Chinatown for some cheap and authentic Chinese food. :)

              2. I just asked my wife if she knew Wu Liang Ye had closed. She'd been told a month ago by one of our Sichuan chefs that when it closed, the head chef went on to work at Wah Jeal. There's more news. There's another one where the *brother* of the Wu Liang Ye chef, also a chef himself, is now head chef. My wife's eaten there, but forgot the name. I'm going to NYC on Monday and will get the name (and try to eat there to garner fodder for a review). It's in the 60s or 70s on 2nd. I'll report back soon.

                1. Has anyone been here in recent years? Since the Sichuan Explosion, does this place still stand up to the test of time. I don't remember the last time I was here.

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                    We tried Wu Liang Ye last night and while the Szechuan pork dumplings and the wok roasted scallops with pepper spiced salt were excellent, I still prefer the versions at Szechuan Gourmet on west 56th Street.

                    We do plan to return to Wu Liang Ye to try their other Szechuan specialties. For what it's worth, the place was mobbed at 6:00 pm for pre-theater.

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                      i go to Wu Liang Ye (48th St) often...on certain dishes, it's usually best to specify that you things real Sichuan style, etc -- because they get a varied crowd of people who happen to work in the area, theatre goers from all over, and the occassional ma-la craving Chowhound :)

                      i love their kung pao chicken, but i always specify that i want it very spicy, no sugar, and w/o any extaneous veggies, and they happily oblige...

                      Pickled cabbage starter, dumplings in chili oil, and green beans w/ minced pork are all very good too...

                      Staff are very nice, esp the managers and the bartender...

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                        how spicy is 'very spicy'? I love spicy food in general but I get afraid to ask very spicy as they may come out with something inedible...as in extremely spicy.

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                          it's not crazy spicy -- i like their version (of kung pao chicken) because the ingredients are good and because they follow my no sugar request, but i usually end up adding lots of chili oil to feed my addiction (a year spent in Thailand left me a spice junkie for life)...

                  2. Has anyone been to the Wu Liang Ye on 48th street recently? Or am I better off just going to Szechuan Gourmet near Bryant Park? That seems to be the CH favorite.