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Oct 8, 2009 03:57 PM

Mountain View Diner?

Anyone been to the Mountain View Diner in Frederick, esp for breakfast? I'll be in the area
this weekend and thought I'd go there for breakfast if it's decent. I saw something on Chow about their chicken fried steak, but wondering about breakfast otherwise. And most
important - how is their coffee?

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  1. Have not been myself, but I looked at their menu on website and nothing special jumped out at me. Also didn't seem to have much character judging from the photo of the outside.
    Those who have been certainly can comment better on the food.

    If you have some time, head up to Thurmont, Md - Route 15 N from Frederick. It's about 15 minutes or so from that area. In Thurmont, you have the historic Cozy as well as Mountain Gate. Both are classic breakfast spots. Cozy offers buffet and I think Mountain Gate does as well.

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      Just went to the Cozy a few weeks ago, and I have to say we were severely disappointed. It has gone way down hill from when I was a child and there were lines out the door. Even the kids were very disappointed in the buffet -- they'd just been to Mountain Gate the night before. The food was rather greasy and disgusting, lower quality meats, and we all had trouble finding enough to eat that we could stand.

      1. re: tk42

        That's too bad. I used to like both those places although both were never the highest quality joints in the world. Atmosphere probably carried even more than the food.

        1. re: jac0077

          The Cozy has a cozy little bar with Sierra Nevada on tap. Nice place to have a burger and watch football. The buffet is about what you might expect at a Rustler or something, but they pack 'em in. There is a little cafe in Thurmont just south of the main intersection that has a decent breakfast and homemade pies. Can't remember the name of it, but it's held up well on our infrequent visits. The Mountainview has a decent chicken fried steak, but I prefer the Double T over near the FSK Mall, especially for breakfast. Also, the Barbara Fritchie further west on 40 is pretty good. Family-run for decades, I doubt if it's changed much in the last fifty years.

          1. re: flavrmeistr

            Stay away from Thurmont this weekend, unless you want to visit the 500 crafters that are there. This is the Catoctin Color Fest Weekend. If you are just going to check out breakfast I would suggest another time -- although I will note that there is some pretty good fair food if you are looking turkey legs, pit beef and fried snickers bars.