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Oct 8, 2009 03:47 PM

Where to buy duck and quail in Toronto

I know the healthy butcher has them, but I just want to do a price comparison. They told me they sell a duck for around $25-30, which is enough to feed 5 people. Quail is $5 each.

Does Cumbrae's sell them? Any other butchers?

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  1. Most of the high end butchers sell them. Cumbrae, The Butchers, Olliffe, and a number of places in SLM. You might also want to consider T & T. I know they have Brome Lake duck parts, not sure about whole, but they are usually in the lower end of the price spectrum.

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      Olliffe doesn't have them consistently - I was looking for a whole duck last weekend and they didn't have one. If they did, they said, it would be frozen. Of course they offered to get one for me, but they need a call a few days ahead of time. Just a heads up.

    2. T&T has quails for an amazing price!! I got 6 for something like $7. Normally they're $10 at no frills

      I actually just finished eating the last one.

      1. I'm guessing you want fresh and organic? If you don't mind frozen then just get it at your local supermarket. Other than that St. Lawrence Market (north on Saturdays and south) carries fresh and frozen, whole and parts. My wife and I simply get a couple of duck breasts which have been vacuumed sealed from one of the butchers in the south market. You've got your choice of butchers down there.

        1. Sunny Meat Market @ 327 Spadina in China town

          They carry whole ducks usually a couple of varieties, they also carry duck parts, I bought legs there a few weeks ago for $4.00/lb.

          They also sell quail.

          1. i don't think cumbreas and the like sell them whole. I've only seen breast, the breast are expensive, come to about $12-14 per breast. I have no problem paying that since with magret you eat them rather raw.