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Oct 8, 2009 03:41 PM

Business Dinner in Philly Not Far From Westin Downtown

Hi there

Hound from Dallas who has a client dinner in Philly Monday night. We are all staying at the Westin Philadelphia downtown, and I would like something within 10 minute walking distance, if possible.

The client is a bit conservative, but I like anything. Want something nice and upscale with some standard steaks and/or seafood for him and maybe some experimental fun things for me.

Any suggestions?


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  1. I would recommend Davio's its perfect for business dinner, upscale Italian and steaks.

    1. Davio's is good.

      Two other options in the area:
      Barclay Prime: Probably the best steakhouse in the city and has some creative apps and outstanding sides. Nothing too experimental but the menu and atmosphere are more modern than your typical steakhouse.

      Lacroix: Always has straightforward fish and steak options along with more adventurous fare. For example, the August menu had veal cheeks. Very elegant atmosphere. The old chef used to throw in some molecular gastronomy, but I'm not sure they are doing that anymore.

      All have excellent service and wine lists. I think all of these places should be open on Monday (many smaller restaurants are closed).

      1. I definitely agree with going to Davios. I work in Center City at 1700 Market, and we usually take our clients there. I wouldn't really go there if it wasn't work related - however, it's got a nice ambiance that gives it an upscale vibe. Food is good as well. It's great for "conservative" types.

        1. Yes, Davio's. The other suggestions are excellent, too.

          1. I agree w/ Barclay Prime - here's a link to a recent post: