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Oct 8, 2009 03:25 PM

October Dining deals...

Hey Everyone!

MY wife and I will be traveling with her mom to NOLA Oct. 17-24, and are wondering if any restaurants in and around the Quarter have any lunch/diner deals going on.

Also, my mother in law is looking for someplace good to have fish. This will be my 5th trip to NOLA, and informed her there are plenty of good places. I haven't been back in a couple years... so where are the best places at a reasonable price. I don't mind spending a little cash to get a great meal experience... but she's a bit harder to open the wallet, ya know? :-)



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  1. While most good chefs do seafood, and do it very well, I have always been impressed by GW Fins for fish. There are usually a dozen different fish and then different preps to match. It's an upper-mid level restaurant for ambiance and for price - lower-end fine-dining, but very, very nice. They also have an pretty extensive B-T-G wine list, plus a well-thought out bottle offering. Some have chided me, as they are not a "bargin" restaurant, but have always delivered and I feel the price is very fair. Here's their Web site, so you can decide:

    As far as any "dining deals," I have to defer to the locals, which I am no longer a "member."



    Gw Fins
    808 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA 70112

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    1. August, Emeril's, Cuvee, Mila, Commander's for lunch prix fixe. Most around $20 for 3 courses. COOLinary specials ended Sept.

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        Emeril's Delmonico is featuring "Lobster Night" every Friday in October.

      2. Rio-Mar is consistently reliable w/ fish; both regular menu offerings and 'daily spec.' Also traditional bacalao preparation that's noteworthy. Service has not dissapointed in 6+ visits. The ceviches are top-drawer, for those who favor the 'raw'.