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Oct 8, 2009 03:20 PM

how to get pepper oil off my face and hands

Chopped some home grown peppers tonight, and i thought they were not the hot kind...regardless, I have oil on my hands and in my nose, and it's burning....I just took off my contacts...yikes.

How do I get it off. I tried soap, and it's kind of still there. Soap again?

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  1. A degreasing agent. Washing up liquid does better than soap, but a something that takes engine oil stains off works well. Some people recommend yoghurt.

    1. If it's on your face, I wouldn't really recommend anything stronger than soap. Try using liquid soap (and plenty of it). If that fails, you can try dish washing liquid, but that might sting.

      1. Well, I can't really help you for your face, but alcohol should neutralize the capsaicin. Whenever I'm handling peppers, I fill a small ramekin with rubbing alcohol and soak my fingers in it when I'm done. Soap and water doesn't cut it, it really gets in around your nails and such.

        Reminds me of the time I was doing something or other with habaneros. I washed my hands, and then scratched my nose (I wasn't picking, really!). You can imagine the fallout.

        As far as your face goes, sorry, but the tears will eventually flush things out.



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          i don't think alcohol "neutralizes" capsaicin. i think it does act as a solvent, to help release capsaicin from skin surfaces, though.

          best for washing up: oily soap and lots of lukewarm water.

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            I just tried the soak in rubbing alcohol and then washed again with Dawn liquid soap. It worked!

          2. Citric acid works well, in my experience.

            Whenever I make guacamole, I always reserve half a lime to squeeze over my hands to neutralize the capsaicin from the peppers.

            1. Immersing your hands in yoghurt or milk should stop the burning. I guess you could apply the yoghurt to your face.