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Oct 8, 2009 03:08 PM

Fattoush Dressing

Can you recommend a good dressing for fattoush that either doesn't include sumac or has some idea what I can replace it with? I've looked all over for sumac powder, but being in a rural area I haven't found any. Thanks!

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  1. My fatoush dressing doesn't have sumac (don't have it with me) but maybe just add a little more lemon or zest since sumac has a bit of a lemony flavor. I got my sumac from Dean & Deluca mail order. I think Pennzys has it. Most persian restaurants have little packets of it.

    1. I think you can easily leave out the sumac and add lemon zest in place. The dressing I use is just lemon juice and olive oil (with sumac sprinkled on top after). I would definately just zest the lemon and add it. Enjoy.

      1. I sometimes make it without the sumac. sometimes to be totally different I put in smoked paprika!

        1. I love fattoush salads. I order powdered sumac online from a spice house in Chicago.

          1. sumac is optional. you can make perfectly delicious fattoush with out sumac. you have two routes with the dressing: either a lemon juice-olive oil dressing (about 1/4 cup each, plus salt, black pepper, and a crushed sliver of garlic, OR a similar dressing with pomegranite molasses stirred in to give a sweet sour tang, use the lemon juice/olive oil recipe and add about 1 tbs pomegranite molasses. You can also drizzle a tiny bit more pomegranite molasses on top of the salad at the end for garnish.

            At this time of year, some fresh pomegranite seeds added to your fattoush would be great, too.