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Oct 8, 2009 02:21 PM

Cooking Class in Philly

I'm not from the area, but my brother-in-law is. He's getting married next month and I'd like to buy he and his fiancee some fun cooking classes as a gift. I don't know if you have any like this, but in LA (where I live) we have some very casual ones where you go to someone's house and everyone drinks wine and cooks together and then there's a big feast at the end. Is there anything like that around Philly? If not, normal cooking classes will do.

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  1. I went to The Restaurant School in Philly and I think you should look into their community classes, of course . I had a great experience there and have friends that went to a variety of classes and really enjoyed them.

    1. Shola's classes are still "coming soon" but he'd be my absolute first choice of teacher, so maybe shoot him an email via the SK blog. He will also come to you for that "in home" setting, but it would be "BYOF" in addition to "BYOB".

      The Wine School has also started doing cooking/pairing classes.