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Oct 8, 2009 02:17 PM

Any good restaurants in Dearborn, Michigan?

Looking for something at the higher end and something casual.

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  1. How broad are your tastes?

    For mainstream fish & chops, consider Big Fish. It's on the loop road
    around Fairlane Mall.

    The restaurant at the Ritz Carlton does a fine job for higher-end fare.
    Dearborn has a VERY wide selection of arab restaurants and a couple
    of good asian choices.

    1. I've never been there but isn't Giovannie's close to Dearborn?

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      1. re: SonyBob

        It's maybe a 15 minute drive from Dearborn --the best Italian restaurant I've ever been in, anywhere. Warm service, outstanding food ---flavorful, sophisticated, not just red gravy.
        A treasure.

        1. re: berkleybabe

          Depending on where you are in Dogbone, less than that.

      2. It's been a while but I remember the Early American Room at the Dearborn Inn being good, plus the building itself is historic. Near Greenfield Village/Henry Ford Museum if that is on your agenda.

        Casual? Millers Bar for burgers! Can't get any more casual than that.

        And of course Middle Eastern.

        1. I am in love with Amani's on Michigan Ave just a block west of Schaefer. I keep singing it's praises but I never hear anything back from fellow Chowhounds. I think you all would be the happier for making the trip.

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          1. Polish:
            Three Brothers
            17620 W Warren Ave
            Detroit, MI 48228
            (313) 271-1227

            For lunch: (ham or pastrimi sandwich & soup)
            Lile's Sandwich Shop
            8505 W Warren Ave
            Dearborn, MI 48126-1617
            (313) 934-1520

            For dessert, I recommend a trip to:

            Shatila Bakery (try the fruit ice creams & any pastry)
            8505 W Warren Ave
            Dearborn, MI 48126-1617
            (313) 934-1520

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            1. re: rainsux

              I think Steve's 3 Brothers is closed now.

              1. re: momskitchen

                Yep...they have been closed for awhile now.