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Oct 8, 2009 02:04 PM

Beer in Italy

We'll be in Italy in a few weeks, and were wondering if anyone can report on the general availability of Italian craft beer apart from Milan.

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  1. Saveur magazine lists Birra Troll, a brew-pub in Vernante, in the Piemonte region, near the French border, down towards the coast. Also, Birreria Baladin, a microbrewery and restaurant near Torino. Birrificio Italiano, in Lurago Marinone - 10 miles from Lago di Como. Citabiunda, in Neive, 90 miles from Lurago Marinone, south of Torino. Last one they list is a restaurant at the hotel Casa Baladin in Piozzo, southwest of Neive.

    If you have time, check the Saveur website for details in the article (Oct. Issue # 123).

    Enjoy your trip!

    1. I'm sorry I can't be more specific but last summer around Faenza/Ravenna we found what seemed like small batches of anniversary/special edition type beers from midsize brewers when shopping in small stores that featured regional food and wines. One warning, in pubs and cafes with young patrons you will find very nasty, very high alcohol lagers and such coming from who knows where... the names are usually silly and in English.

      Please report back, very interested in your take on Italian brews.

      1. If your in Rome MA CHE SIETE VENUTI A FA' in the Trestevere section is awesome. Cantillon St. Lamvinus on draft and a Eylenbosch Gueuze 1984

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          Aw man....three weeks too late! ;-)

        2. Well for when you go again... ;)

          Can you speak any Italian? Some resources include:

 (is an Italian craft beer association and they have links to information about micros on their site).