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Oct 8, 2009 01:54 PM

How does food affect your dreams?

Roxanne was researching a column on how food affects dreams, and talked to Tore Nielsen of the Dream & Nightmare Laboratory at Sacré-Coeur Hospital in Montreal. He said that no research had been done on the subject, which seemed a terrible hole in the sleep/dream/food world.

Dr. Nielsen wanted to conduct an exploratory survey, and provided some questions. If you can, please stick to answering these specific questions in this order. He's going to be looking at your responses and we'll post the lab's conclusions.

1) Have you ever had a dream that seemed to be influenced by food(s) you had eaten the prior day (not including drugs or alcohol)?
2) If yes,
a. what food(s) had you eaten and when?
b. what did you dream about? (please write out the dream)
3) Do you believe that dreams can be influenced by what you eat the previous day?
4) Have you heard of any particular foods that affect dreams?
5) If yes,
a. what foods are these?
b. what effects are they said to have on dreams?
6) Have you ever dreamed about tasting or eating food(s)?
7) If yes,
a. what food(s) did you taste or eat in your dream?
b.did the dreamed food(s) taste like the real version(s)?
c. Please describe one dream of tasting or eating food here.

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  1. Blue cheese is widely regarded as dream-inducing and I find that to be true.

    1. I generally remember several dreams each night.

      1) No
      3) Perhaps
      7)( My dreams usually reflect the events of the past day, food is represented in my dreams at about the same degree it is experienced in my waking life.)
      b. I only can remember actually tasting food in a dream once - it was a very amped up version of the real thing.
      c. It was a dream about a pic-nic on a beautiful hillside. There was a bowl of strawberries. As I bit into one, the sweet juiciness just flooded my awareness. The flavor was so vivid that it woke me up!

      I dream of seeing food, preparing food, eating food with some frequency. This is the only dream where I was aware of actually experiencing the flavor. It was a lucid dream, which I have perhaps 10% of the time.

      1. Avocado. Wild, vivid dreams every time I eat them.

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          I had a jibarito del lechon for dinner last night with a side of arroz con gandules. I chopped up some chunks of avocado on top of the rice, and at about 2am, I woke up in a cold sweat, out of breath. I was dreaming that my neighbor's son was a mass murderer, and I caught him in their basement about to hack someone up.

          Avocado. Every time. I swear. Love it.

        2. Whenever I have meatloaf, I dream of voluptuous women. Hope this helps.

          1. I don't know about dreams but when I eat lots of Shrimp I have much more energy the next day.