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Oct 8, 2009 01:52 PM

Best Columbian Food In Sunset Park?

I went to the Red Hook Ball Fields and fell in love with the Columbian truck. Going to go on another neighborhood field trip this weekend to Sunset Park and wanted to see if anyone know if I can get the pork ribs they have at the truck anywhere in the neighborhood? Also, I can't get a taco from EVERY place, so if I have to get ONE, which one?

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  1. get a torta from pueblo mini mart 39th and 5th

    1. I'm only familiar with one Colombian place in Sunset Park, and I haven't been there--I think on 8th in the lower 40s. It's mostly Mexican & Ecuadorian.

      The grilled tortas a Puebla Mini Mart are indeed great. For tacos, I think Piaxtla es Mexico (know to some as "Ricos Tacos") definitely has the best carnitas, and excellent lengua, and barbacoa de chivo on weekends.