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Oct 8, 2009 01:51 PM

Great cocktails in Dallas?

I'll be in Dallas for a weekend. Where can I go to drink unique delicious cocktails? Other suggestions for cool bars to try also appreciated!

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  1. Where will you be staying and how far are you willing to drive?

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    1. re: joanna.mcmaster

      Staying at the Four Seasons Las Colinas, willing to drive 30 mins.

    2. ZaZa's Dragonfly has been fun in the past, as well as Ghost at the W. See and be seen type of places. I go when forced, but prefer my dives. Sambuca Uptown is not far from these places and is more prefered with live music nearly daily. Further down, you will get a little more local flavor in the Idle Rich Pub. Go further north to Knox Henderson area and find a rash of fun places for a downtown traveller looking for sauce.

      ChowChick, what was that place across the street from Cafe Cadird we went to a few weeks ago with Sam that had delightful cocktails?

      Go a bit further and visit Javiers back room cigar bar, replete with the obligatory modelesques (especially Thursday evenings).

      You shouldn't have trouble finding a cold cocktail and a warm body to converse with in Dallas.

      There are probably more hip places to visit, but I have been outa circulation for the past few months. Decent start though. Think Uptown (I just heard LH cringe).

      Oh, the Grapevine is a lot of fun, VERY diverse crowd and smoking hot patio and roof bar. there is even half court basketball in the back. Good cocktails, lively people.


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        Was it Villa O? Good recs, DD, as always! Not only were the drinks fabulous, the food looked out of this world!
        if you're in the area, the margarita's at Javier's are a must.

        Addison is always a lot of fun, get a taxi, though.

        1. re: joanna.mcmaster

          The reason we rarely go to Addison is because I think its turned into a chain wasteland. Now the little cafe we went to that now has a nice tapas menu and little jazz combo, that was fun for a quiet evening. The place we went for mussels but ordered from the tapas menu and was wowed by a few cool items, Soho. That is the same shopping center the new India West opened. And Addison Cafe. Ok there's a few decent places left, but I wouldnt consider it for cocktails. Unless we went to the place that serves the coldest beer in Texas, Shuck and Jive. And Nates. And the londoner for beer and darts. And Chamberlains... OK, Addison is decent enough.

          You did go to the Magic Time Machine for your Jr HS Sadie Hawkins dance, so it cannot be all that bad I suppose. <kisses>

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            As a matter of fact, it was the Melting Pot, and it was prom.

            Just to clarify...LOL

      2. We just went to Victor Tangos on Henderson (Henderson and 75). Their drinks were quite good. They do fresh squeezed everything. I believe I had a passionfriut tyme drink, and my husband had a cucumber something. Both very good! The food was okay...a little greesy for my taste (the potstickers were deep fried --- I am used to steamed or maybe lightly pan sauteed).

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          I'll second Victor Tango's, I had a few drinks there this weekend and was very impressed. Bartenders were serious and efficient despite the crowds and questionable tastes of most of the customers.

        2. If you are willing to go to a dive bar, Charlie at the Windmill Lounge may be the best bartender in town. I recommend the Ramos Gin Fizz.

          1. The Bar at The Stoneleigh puts out some wickedly good drinks and the crowd is always interesting. Very cool place.